BlackBerry Z10

The BlackBerry Z10 contains features and apps work together seamlessly and share your train of thought to help you complete tasks faster and with ease. Discover BlackBerry® 10, designed to keep you moving.

Powered by a Snapdragon S4 Plus processor

Selected by many different manufacturers, operating systems and networks, Snapdragon S4, S3, S2 and S1 processors continue to pave the way for next-level mobile technology experiences that help users do more with less time between charging.

Hands On with the Blackberry Z10

23 Okt 2013


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BlackBerry chooses Snapdragon to power the Z10, a BlackBerry smartphone of many firsts

BlackBerry Z10

In case you haven’t already heard, the BlackBerry Z10 isn’t your mother’s BlackBerry. The QWERTY keyboard is gone. BlackBerry has packed it with lots of innovative new features, many of which appear for the first time in the Z10.  And we’re proud to say that BlackBerry has once again chosen to power their device with a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processor.

  • The Z10 is the first BlackBerry device to replace the QWERTY keyboard with the new touchscreen BlackBerry Keyboard, which learns how you write and adapts to how you type so you can write faster, more accurately and with the least amount of effort.
  • The Z10 sports an innovative, multi-touch gesture-based user interface (UI); a swipe of your hand takes you from whatever app you’re using directly to the BlackBerry Hub, a kind of universal inbox that includes all your email, text and social networking app messages and notifications.
  • BlackBerry’s innovative UI is based on BlackBerry 10, their brand new mobile operating system. The Z10 is BlackBerry’s first device to be based on BlackBerry 10.
  • The BlackBerry Z10 is also the first BlackBerry smartphone with LTE connectivity, a secondary noise canceling microphone, HDMI-out port, micro SIM slot, and a front-facing camera. Much about the Z10 is new. It truly is “BlackBerry re-designed, re-engineered and re-invented”.

Given the importance of this device for BlackBerry and the fact that this is a world class smartphone, we’re that much more proud that BlackBerry chose the Snapdragon S4 Plus processor to power the Z10. The Z10 also includes an 8 megapixel camera and support for 1080p HD video capture and playback. So you know the Z10 has serious processing capacity, slick 3D graphics, great multimedia, and super responsive web browsing, in addition to the many other cool capabilities BlackBerry has added.

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26 Apr 2013

Hands on with the BlackBerry Z10

The BlackBerry Z10 is a fast, robust, business-class smartphone. It enables multitaskers to accomplish tasks quickly and efficiently, thanks in part to streamlined features designed for getting things done, and in part to its powerful Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ all-in-one mobile processor.

The Z10’s thin (9 mm) body has a sturdy, textured feel that makes it easy to hold, hard to drop, and resistant to damage. The 1280x768 resolution display packs in 356 pixels per inch, which means that text is crystal clear and images are crisp and vivid.

You’ll appreciate that vivid display when you use the Flow feature that’s built into the Z10’s BlackBerry 10 operating system. Flow enables you to seamlessly switch between apps, documents, screens, and accounts by using simple horizontal and vertical hand swipes. It allows you to multitask without really having to think about it. By swiping left, right, up, or down, you’re able to change what you’re doing or viewing with no noticeable lag. As fast as you can think it, the Z10 does it.

And don’t worry if you don’t remember what’s where. The BlackBerry Remember app helps you to easily organize related files – no matter what type – into groups.  This makes it almost effortless to check out all information regarding a specific client, contact, or project. With Remember, your relevant messages, email, documents, voice notes, texts, attachments, and photos are just a swipe or two away.

Even when you can’t swipe, you can be productive – the Z10’s Voice Control app is a powerful alternative to swiping or typing. Its advanced voice processing capabilities accurately interpret your voice commands, allowing you to place and accept calls, dictate notes, send and receive texts, search the Web, make appointments, set reminders, tweet, and more.

The BlackBerry Z10 isn’t only about business and efficiency, though. You can also take terrific photos with its innovative TimeShift mode. This feature works by grabbing multiple images in the milliseconds before and after you tap to snap your shot. From that series of photos you can then choose the best – resulting in far fewer shots of blinking buddies or blurry action.

In short, the BlackBerry Z10 is like the personal assistant of your dreams - a smartphone that empowers you to plow through your responsibilities with unparalleled efficiency. Need to see to believe? Watch the video above to see how these features work in real time.

18 Okt 2013

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