Snapdragon 602 Automotive Platform

The Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 602 Automotive Platform, specifically designed to meet stringent automotive industry standards, is an integrated chipset solution that supports advanced smartphone-level multimedia, navigation, connectivity and voice quality and control features in cars.

Fast speeds for greater needs.

An in-vehicle high-speed Wi-Fi hotspot with Qualcomm® VIVE™ MU-MIMO supports improved connectivity for more users, all at the same time.

Birds-eye view and more

The Qualcomm® Adreno™ GPU is designed to stitch together up to four images from different cameras and run up to three HD displays at once.

Hands-free driving

Advanced voice recognition technology combines with always-on listening for a natural and more intuitive driver engagement.

Hardware and Software




ARM Compliant Custom Krait Quad core architecture

  • CPU Clock Speed: Up to 2.0 GHz
  GPU Adreno 320  
  DSP Hexagon QDSP6 v4  
  • MIPI—CSI with support for up to 4 simultaneous cameras
  • Trustzone and other Automotive Security Support
  • Flexible 3 display concurrency support
  • + E.g., 1080p60 center console + 720p60
  • navigation window for instrument cluster
  • + 540p60 HUD
  • Up to 1080p capture and playback
  • H.264 (AVC)
  • Qualcomm® VIVE™ 1-stream
  • <li802.11n ac="" mu-mimo="" with=""> </li802.11n>
BLUETOOTH/FM   Bluetooth 4.1


  • Qualcomm® IZat™ Gen8A

Snapdragon Automotive Solutions

The next frontier for automakers lies within the dashboard. Our platforms and solutions are designed to enable tomorrow’s drivers with the next generation of in-car ecosystems.

Develop with the Snapdragon 602A processor.

Automotive Development Platform

The Snapdragon™ Automotive Development Platform (ADP) is designed to provide a full-featured application development environment for rapid development of high performance and power efficient connected infotainment offerings.