Snapdragon Machine Learning

Qualcomm Snapdragon is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Discover your device’s full potential.

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ mobile platforms extend the boundaries of mobile performance with long battery life, immersive VR experiences and cutting-edge camera capabilities. Now enhanced with built-in machine learning, Snapdragon mobile platforms are engineered to adapt to every move you make on your device with high-quality connections, security-focused technologies and real-time, on-device processing of information—all designed to make your smartphone smarter than ever.

Virtually always-on efficiency.

The technology that supports machine learning in the Snapdragon 835 Mobile Platform is designed to give you the powerful performance you need from your device—without draining your battery. With the entire mobile platform sharing the workload, always-on device features such as integrated voice recognition and reliable personal assistants can be used with less worry about running out of battery life.

True-to-life immersion.

To help make mobile VR and AR truly immersive, the Snapdragon 835 Mobile Platform is engineered to use machine learning to combine camera and sensor data, and provide nonstop localization and an accurate 6 degrees of freedom (6-DOF) position orientation. This is designed to allow your device to predict where you’ll look next and adjust the content accurately, which makes gesturing, object detection and natural language understanding feel as close to real life as possible when you’re moving through an alternate world.

Intuitive camera capabilities.

With machine learning built into the Snapdragon 835 Mobile Platform, you can take incredibly smart pictures. It can help your device’s camera recognize objects and detect surroundings for better shot composition, and make on-device post-processing beautification possible so your subjects always look their best.

High-quality connections.

Snapdragon 835 Mobile Platform machine learning is designed to understand the audio in your surrounding environment. Its technology can train your device to help detect and eliminate background noise, predict voice patterns and more for crisp and clear audio connections on your device.

Protection for you and your device.

The Snapdragon 835 Mobile Platform includes the Qualcomm Haven™ security platform. It’s a combination of technologies that offer personal, multi-sensor biometric authentication (including fingerprint, voice, eye and facial recognition), so your device can know you best. The platform also includes on-device, zero-day malware detection that is designed to better protect you and your device from harm while using apps, and alerts you of any potential threats. With all this protective technology on your device, you can feel comfortable, not compromised. 

The Snapdragon 835 Mobile Platform makes your device smart.

Our unique machine learning capabilities allow for trained applications to run directly on your device—without relying on a connection to the cloud. It’s like having the most advanced cognitive learning technology right in your pocket. 

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Qualcomm Haven is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.