Snapdragon Elite Gaming

Transform mobile devices into powerful gaming machines that push beyond mobile limits.

The ultimate gaming advantage.

Harness the power of desktop-level gaming with Qualcomm® Snapdragon Elite Gaming™, providing elite gamers with the ultimate hand-held gaming experience. Deliver premium features and enhancements including advanced customization, ultra-realistic graphics and lightning speeds—all on their mobile device.

Qualcomm Snapdragon Elite Gaming gives you the ultimate gaming advantage

Jul 2, 2020


Premium, first-to-mobile features.

Snapdragon Elite Gaming unlocks a suite of first-to-mobile features that transforms your premium mobile device into a gaming machine. We’ve developed a full arsenal of hardware and software features that are optimized for gaming—all fully integrated into top-tier Snapdragon mobile platforms. Our first-to-mobile PC-like gaming features enable players to game at the next level with smooth interactions, superior performance, blazing-fast response, incredible audio, ultra-realistic graphics with cinematic detail, and much more.

Ultra-smooth gaming

Experience seamless, ultra-smooth gaming enabled by adaptive and predictive real-time system tuning for sustained performance over longer periods of time. Unlock your favorite games with Snapdragon, designed to enable desktop-level frame rates on mobile devices.

High-speed gaming

We’ve teamed up with top game studios to break barriers, pushing fan-favorite mobile games to lightning speeds of up to 144 fps with flawless quality and super-smooth performance.

Game smoother

Reduce the jank, or stutter, for less glitch and more wins. Our Snapdragon mobile platforms bring desktop-level frame rates to mobile for the first time, greatly reducing jank for the smoothest gameplay possible.

Highest HDR quality

Kick your favorite HDR games into high gear with double the speed of complex graphic rendering. Qualcomm® Adreno™ HDR Fast Blend helps HDR games run up to 2x faster by accelerating blending of multiple layers.

True 10-bit HDR game rendering & display

True HDR lets you game in full color with 10-bit color depth and 2020 color gamut. The end result: the ability to dart through smoky battlefields, hide in lush forests, and explore thronged fortresses in over a billion shades of color that are 10x brighter than platforms without True HDR.

Game Color Plus 2.0

Qualcomm® Game Color Plus has the power to turn any standard game into a vibrant visual masterpiece by boosting color, saturation, sharpness and detail to mimic true 10-bit HDR as closely as possible.

Qualcomm Game Color Plus 2.0

Jul 8, 2020


Adreno HDR Fast Blend

Adreno HDR Fast Blend is designed to boost game scenes with heavy blending, often used in complex particle systems and rendering—delivering up to 2x performance lift for certain operations.

Adreno HDR Fast Blend

Jul 8, 2020


Desktop-level features

Bring desktop-level features to the smartphone with lighting and advanced post processing effects that weren’t previously available on Android. Developers can create more realistic and immersive graphics, delivering first-to-mobile gaming features such as updateable GPU graphics drivers.

Updatable GPU drivers

Snapdragon mobile platforms include the first ever updatable GPU drivers on mobile so players can take control of their game by updating graphics drivers and optimizing performance without having to wait for an OS update.

Updatable GPU Driver

Mar 20, 2020


Desktop forward rendering

Deliver dynamic, desktop-quality visuals to mobile fueled by our ultra-powerful Adreno 650 GPU, designed to elevate every scene with realistic detail.

Desktop Forward Rendering

Jul 7, 2020


Enable the optimal gaming experience.

Adaptive game performance engine

This intelligent engine modifies CPU settings throughout a game for optimized, sustained performance all game long. Adaptive and predictive algorithms run automatically, without costing additional power, reducing jank for consistent gameplay that is ultra-fast and super smooth.

Game fast loader

Get immediate gaming gratification on your mobile device by skipping the load-lag and launching games at lightning speed—every time. This elite gaming feature reduces mobile game load times by up to 10% when compared to previous platforms.

Game network latency manager

Level up without moving a muscle…or sword, axe, or laser beam. This elite gaming feature automatically optimizes network settings and Wi-Fi configurations to make online gaming more efficient and fluid.

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Qualcomm Game Studios is a world class group of AAA game developers with 20+ years of experience in the industry. We strive to bring the best gaming experiences to Snapdragon platforms. Our team develops games for mobile, PC and XR, while also providing tools and services for partner game studios.

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*Compared to platforms without True HDR.
** Quick Charge is designed to increase the battery charge of a device by up to 50% in 15 minutes. Actual results may vary depending on device design
***In games running at 30fps.
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