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5G puts the world at your fingertips. And having a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 5G Mobile Platform makes your options virtually limitless. With ultra-fast data rates, low latency, and connectivity nearly anywhere, 5G enables you to shop, socialize, watch, create, communicate, game, and share more than ever before.

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Shop, find the best bites, and co-create, virtually.

Now with 5G, you can shop for a couch at your favorite brick-and-mortar store while you live-capture your experience, and project the 3D model at home for your roommate to see via augmented reality (AR). While you’re at it, use AR to look up restaurant reviews as you pan over the neighborhood where you want to eat, and even co-create joint mobile stories by combining social video from all your friends—all while editing and voting on the best content in real time. 

Stream live VR, watch, and co-author together, remotely.

Now with 5G, you can do more together—even when you’re apart. Choose your camera feed to watch live events or let AI make suggestions. Experience real-time video chat, multiple camera angles, and 360-degree audio. Shoot video and edit on the go using professional editing tools on your mobile device while you split processing between your device and the cloud. And you can collaborate on a multi-person document while co-authoring and using live video and annotation features.

Transcend language barriers and play mobile games, seamlessly.

Now with 5G, you can connect with anyone, anywhere,* regardless of language via video chat—enjoy instant translation with virtually no lags and create face meshes for perfect lip sync. And you can take advantage of fiber-like speeds for live stream game play, chat in real time with multilingual translation, and get instant map and level downloads.

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Apr 23, 2019


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Jan 24, 2019


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Dec 4, 2018


High quality VR video

Dec 4, 2018


AR restaurant ratings

Dec 4, 2018


Pro video editing

Dec 4, 2018


Shared AR shopping experience

Dec 4, 2018


In-person multi-player AR gaming

Dec 4, 2018


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