Smart home appliances make life more efficient.

Qualcomm Technologies’ connectivity solutions for smart appliances give manufacturers the ability to develop cutting-edge appliances that offer remote monitoring, diagnostics and other compelling new benefits. This smart technology lets users check the contents of the refrigerator while at the market, turn on the air conditioning on the way home from the airport and lower the oven temperature so the main dish won’t burn when meetings run late.

Develop easy-to-integrate connected smart home products with Qualcomm Technologies' connectivity solutions.

Qualcomm Technologies' connectivity and computing intelligence solutions for connected devices supply customers with a development platform that encourages innovation. Building on a strong heritage of mobile technology, Qualcomm Technologies is bringing connectivity to the home appliance space—enabling everything from washers, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators and more to communicate with smartphones and tablets via the cloud. By adding computing intelligence and interoperability to connected appliances, customers can produce power-efficient, reliable appliances that are secure and easy to connect across the smart home ecosystem.

Seamless interoperability

Ensure ease of use with Qualcomm’s solutions for connected appliances. Our smart appliances technology platform connects to, and seamlessly interacts with, all major smart home systems and appliances, including AllJoyn®, HomeKit™ and Google Weave.

Simple connectivity

Allow users to easily add smart appliances to their smart home system with our connectivity solutions, which communicate with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to ensure consistent communication between the cloud, remotes, smartphones, tablets and wearables.

Advanced edge processing

Customers can develop smarter, more intuitive connected appliances with advanced edge processing. On-board computing enables connected devices to immediately respond to new situations, without the need to relay data to the cloud. Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processors have the power and speed to support edge processing, bringing new possibilities to smart home connectivity.

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