Connectivity solutions that support a wide range of devices.

We are combining the power of interoperability, connectivity and machine intelligence to define the future of smart home technology. Qualcomm Technologies is working with industry-leading customers and developers to support secure, low-power, end-to-end solutions that improve the way consumers interact with and manage their automated devices. By connecting devices and appliances to everyday tasks—from opening the garage door to detecting break-ins to providing security for the entire property—our smart technology solutions are enabling a new breed of apps and services that deliver the power of the cloud to your home.

Reliable connectivity

Connectivity is at the heart of smart home solutions, enabling everything from smart appliances to lighting, from temperature control to security. Our comprehensive solutions include connectivity and wireless reference designs that help customers build products that allow homeowners to easily automate their homes—with everything from smart speakers to smart appliances and virtual home assistants.

Multi-industry interoperability

Qualcomm® Smart Home Connectivity Solutions support the industry-leading ecosystems that our customers rely on. We help solve the challenges of industry fragmentation through our close collaboration with industry leaders, enabling customers to work with multiple ecosystems including Apple HomeKit, Google Weave, the AllSeen Alliance, and the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF).

Reliable security

Protect smart homes against hackers with our proven security solutions, which provide malware detection, theft deterrence and advanced authentication features. The sophisticated feature set of our security platform can enable customers to offer the latest in smart technology with the built-in security against ever-increasing threats. 

Smarter audio

Smart speakers are helping pave the way towards smarter homes. Our solutions are designed to support the next generation of smart audio devices, with great audio quality, advanced low latency networking, power optimization, and support for any voice assistant.

An IoT smart home with AI

Sep 24, 2019



Smart home lighting products start with intelligent connectivity that’s easy to use. Customers can rely on Qualcomm Technologies’ proven lighting technology platform to develop multi-function smart lighting and security products that can seamlessly connect to a variety of devices and the cloud, improving comfort and safety throughout the home.

Simple connectivity
Low power
Extended range and control

Smart Audio and Entertainment

Discover our advanced platforms for smart speakers and soundbars, with integration that is designed to support superior connectivity, rich features, and premium audio quality. Build virtually any type of speaker—from simple wireless speakers, to smart and networked speakers, to premium soundbar and Hi-Fi systems—with our silicon and software solutions. Deliver next-generation functionality with integrated support for immersive sound quality, Voice UI, low-latency audio streaming capabilities, and multi-channel connectivity.

Rich, clear sound quality
Support for virtually any voice assistant
Unique power optimization
Advanced connectivity


Control your house from your smartphone. That’s the power of smart appliances and robotics built around Qualcomm Technologies’ connectivity and AI solutions. From ovens that follow your remote cooking instructions, to cooktops that can function off voice commands, to robots that vacuum and know the floorplan of your home, smart appliances and robotics built with our products enable consumers to manage their home, even if they’re at the office.

Seamless interoperability
Simple connectivity
Advanced edge processing


Our advanced technology platform enables OEMs to add awareness, autonomy, and self-guided movement to their robot offerings. Next-generation robots can be smarter and more efficient than their predecessors when built with our streamlined solutions which combine heterogeneous computing, connectivity, hardware-based security, and edge artificial intelligence (AI) on a single board.

Heterogeneous computing
Autonomous movement
Reliable navigation

Home Automation

Upgrade the smart home with IoT devices and appliances based on the Qualcomm® Home Hub Development kits for leading voice assistants including Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa Voice Service (AVS). Developers can use our kits to integrate feature-rich, AI-enabled digital assistant capabilities—creating new market opportunities for a range of IoT devices, including smart appliances, virtual assistant devices, and even toys.

Quickly prototype and start testing voice-controlled devices
Multi-mode connectivity
Advanced security features

Smart Displays

Smart displays simplify home life by combining home automation, personalized content through facial recognition, easy-to-access daily task lists, video streaming, and more—all displayed on a brilliant color LCD touchscreen. The Qualcomm Smart Display Platform integrates power management ICs, audio codec support, and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity to help create differentiated user experiences.

On-device IA
Facial and voice recognition
Context-aware sound detection
Enable smart home automation

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