Home Security and Automation

Safeguard the smart home with intelligent connectivity.

Qualcomm Technologies is bringing connectivity to home security and automation consumers. With our reliable, low-power solutions, customers can develop connected control panels, security cameras, door locks and more that seamlessly integrate with existing smart home products and the cloud. 

Develop leading home security and automation solutions with Qualcomm Technologies' advanced solutions.

Securing the smart home starts with intelligent connectivity that delivers consistently trustworthy products. With our advanced technology platform, customers can build home security and automation products that homeowners can easily install themselves. Soon, security cameras will know the difference between an intruder and Grandma, and the front door can be opened remotely when Junior forgets his key at school.

Low power

Low-power connectivity solutions offer customers the ability to develop security cameras, door and window locks, and home networks with longer sensor life, so devices running applications that must stay on or be available for activation from sleep mode won’t cause a drain on battery life.

Secure connectivity

With our secure connectivity solutions, customers can develop security and automation solutions that provide alerts—whether an intruder is near, or a child has lost his key and needs help with remote access.

Advanced edge processing

Develop low-power home security and automation products that move processing from the cloud to individual devices. Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ advanced edge processing sends only critical alerts or confirmed images to the cloud while allowing devices to continue monitoring live situations.

Create products that protect the smart home.

You can build everything from door and window locks, to smart security lighting and cameras, to smart hubs with Qualcomm Technologies’ flexible connectivity solutions and low-power sensor technologies.

  • Home control panels

  • Security cameras

  • Sensors
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