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The foundation for the modern home.

The home network is an unsung hero, dutifully serving up the media and information that fuels our connected lives.  As people stream, browse, download and play games in every corner of the home, we are inventing the game changers that will define the next generation of connected experiences in the home. 

Building the network that just works.

Meeting insatiable demand

Home networks have never been busier. Our wireless and wireline solutions boost network speed and capacity to handle more devices, more intense apps and more cloud services.  

Intelligence instead of complexity

People expect reliable connectivity in every corner of their homes – despite the complex mix of products and services not designed to work together. We’re making networks smarter and more adaptive to blanket homes in simple and reliable connectivity.  

Accelerating what’s next.

First with MU-MIMO and 802.11ad, and now with 802.11ax. We’re driving state-of-the-art technologies across the ecosystem to make the future of connectivity a reality sooner than you expect. 

Qualcomm Technologies is inventing the game changers that will define the next generation of connected experiences in the home.

802.11AC with Multi-User MIMO

Networks can multitask like never before – serving more devices at once to avoid the slow-down that happens as the connected home becomes more crowded.


Multi-gigabit speed and low-latency connectivity can revolutionize broadband and media services in the home.


“Self-Organizing Network” features that simplify home Wi-Fi set-up and continually optimize the network to eliminate bottlenecks and dead zones.

Qualcomm Network IoT Connectivity Platform

Making connected experiences simpler, more seamless and more consistent, no matter the device or technology used to connect.


Qualcomm Powerline technology uses your home’s existing power outlets to create a high-performance network, solving connectivity problems in hard-to-reach areas. 


Qualcomm 11ax Wi-Fi solutions deliver efficiency and maximize capacity – the things that matter most in today’s densely connected environments.

Explore our solutions for home networks.


Create a more powerful home network with our router solutions, offering the latest and most advanced Wi-Fi, and powerline communication (PLC) and processing technologies. 

Mesh Networks

Blanket the entire home with simple, reliable and secure connectivity with a multi-pack of routers that create a robust mesh that optimizes traffic throughout the home. 

Broadband gateways

Tap into gateway solutions that use state-of-the-art connectivity and intelligence to deliver broadband and media services throughout the home.

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We work with customers creating modern home networks, including:

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