Connectivity and compute for grid infrastructure and energy services.

Digitally transform your electric utility platform for greater efficiency and resilience.

Develop intelligent, integrated utility applications with communication, compute, and security solutions from Qualcomm Technologies. Our Utilities solutions use strong edge analytics with AI, 5G connectivity, and industry-leading security capabilities to help connect utilities, buildings, and energy assets. Rely on our solutions to address the real-time, high availability, and low latency requirements needed for grid motoring and control, integration of renewables and smart loads, asset health and performance monitoring, and creation of new value-added services.

Connect the unconnected with our computing and AI solutions.

Across the energy value chain, from generation to transmission, distribution to consumption, utilities and energy service providers are looking for solutions that can be easily deployed with fast ROI that can be scaled up as needed.

Cutting-edge connectivity and compute

From ultra-low latency communication for critical applications to optimized hardware blocks for distributed computing that enable large-scale deployment of smart sensors in the distribution network, our end-to-end Utilities solutions can address your requirements for existing and emerging applications.

Improved operational efficiency with Massive IoT

Qualcomm combines edge computing with on-device AI to facilitate real-time, secure, intelligent processing of massive amounts of data to help improve operational efficiencies—providing better visibility, lifecycle management, and health and performance monitoring of various assets.

Increase digital workforce productivity

We’re building on our wireless heritage and success to bring digital capability into field operations with real-time visibility and seamless interactivity. Our Utilities solutions enable the digital workforce to have direct interaction with edge devices.

Ecosystem leadership for end-to-end solutions

With a vast ecosystem of partners, Qualcomm uses our expertise in mobile, wireless connectivity, and computing platforms to provide foundational technology with others that helps create end-to-end digitization of the value chain across the Utilities industry. We collaborate with thought- and industry-leading partners to innovate new solutions that help move the entire ecosystem forward.

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