Create more energy efficient cities and homes.

Develop intelligent, connected smart energy products for smart cities using Qualcomm Technologies’ solutions. Our computing and connectivity solutions are designed to make it easier to monitor and manage energy in real time, helping cities reduce emissions and save money. And Qualcomm Intelligent Energy Management software helps assess home energy consumption for optimum usage and lower electricity costs.

Smart Cities: Smart Energy

Sep 11, 2015


Overcome product development challenges.

Delivering energy products that support real-time monitoring and control of electrical systems in cities and homes is a complex task for customers. Because energy monitoring systems such as power lines and solar farms are installed everywhere, it can be difficult to manage and centralize their output of data.


Our energy monitoring system solutions maximize energy efficiencies by supporting the development of security-focused, interoperable power usage monitoring and management of products that communicate over existing wireless networks—eliminating the need for proprietary networks.

Multimode 3G/4G LTE

Offer multimode/multiband-capable energy products that provide interoperability and excellent performance across network technologies, including LTE TDD, LTE FDD, WCDMA, 1x, DO, and GSM.

Tri-band Wi-Fi

Deliver a wide range of connectivity while supporting the varying energy needs of smart cities—from covering entire spaces with the high speeds of 802.11ac, to providing zones of multi-gigabit capacity with 802.11ad, to serving multiple devices simultaneously with Qualcomm® MU | EFX multi-user MIMO.

Bluetooth connectivity

Eliminate expensive interface components with our extensive and flexible Bluetooth capabilities, which are designed to simplify integration into each target application and offer an optimal balance of power, features and cost.

Low power consumption

Create low power energy products with our optimized system architecture.

Robust security

Make security a focal point with our smart city energy solutions, providing built-in security features in all platforms.

Integrated application processor

Support ARM Cortex A7, Linux OS and other technologies with our smart city energy solutions, each with an integrated application processor.

Integrated GNSS

Offer precise position location features for smart city energy solutions using our Global Navigation Satellite System (GPS/GNSS) technology. 

Commercial maturity

Benefit from our proven history in global IoT large-scale deployments with our smart city energy solutions.

Discover our platforms for smart city energy projects.

Our platforms provide energy companies, solar providers, systems integrators, start-ups and others with the flexibility to create innovative smart city energy solutions in several areas, including: 

  • Electric meters
  • Energy management gateways
  • Electric vehicle (EV) chargers
  • Smart metering hubs

Explore smart city energy technologies.

M2M Search

Find commercially available IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) cellular modules, connectivity modules (Wi-Fi, HomePlug PLC, Bluetooth) and wireless gateway routers on M2M Search, an extensive online technology database for product developers. 

LTE for IoT

LTE is evolving, with new technologies and a scalable platform for connecting a wide range of consumer and enterprise IoT applications. LTE has become one of the fastest growing wireless technologies, with a vibrant ecosystem backed by a common global standard. It provides a solid foundation for the growth of IoT connectivity, now and in the future. 

5G technology

Qualcomm is advancing connected energy solutions as we push forward with 5G technology. We envision 5G as a new way to support services, connect industries and devices and empower user experiences.

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