Don’t let their size fool you.

Carriers are responding to skyrocketing mobile data traffic by extending networks with small cells, which improve mobile coverage and network capacity to give you an unparalleled mobile experience.

Did you know?

Mobile data traffic has doubled in each of the last few years—with over 80% of mobile traffic happening indoors*.

We scale networks to meet user demand.

At Home

With a small cell device installed in your home, you get more bars, which means a more consistent mobile experience. And because our small cell solutions are also enabled with our Wi-Fi technology, they can expand and enhance the way you stay connected.

At Work

Busier areas can install equipment designed to offer a larger range and handle more connections, so everyone can get online.

Out and About

Small cells can even connect massive groups, indoors or out (think stadiums). The equipment extends wireless coverage and can connect to fast fiber optic networks or directly with a tower to boost a signal and increase range.

Small cells add up to big performance.

Small cells add up to big performance. When optimized with features like UltraSON™ technology interference management and LTE Advanced, our small cell solutions bring outstanding performance and scalability, simplifying the deployment of dense networks. Using best-in-class hardware and software, we help you build high-performance, yet cost-effective, small cells.

* Informa, 2012