Industry-leading technology, purpose built for cloud workloads.

Qualcomm Datacenter Technologies, Inc., is meeting the demand for scale-out cloud datacenters with the Qualcomm® Centriq™ product family and the Qualcomm Falkor™ CPU. Our industry-leading technologies leverage an open ecosystem—maximizing throughput performance and efficiency to support today’s cloud-native applications.

We’ve optimized the power of our SoC technology for the cloud.

As enterprise computing shifts from traditional datacenters to cloud-based computing, cloud service providers will need to accelerate performance to support highly loaded and multi-tenant environments. To improve cloud operators’ total cost of ownership, hardware platforms must provide a balance of aggregate throughput performance and performance-per-watt efficiency. In addition, they must be designed for compute density and predictable performance.


Our processor design team has a rich history of delivering high-performance, yet power-efficient, custom Arm-based processors for mobile platforms, and has brought this world-class design expertise to architect the Qualcomm Centriq processor specifically to address the features and performance demands of cloud service providers.

Designed with the cloud in mind.

Highly Scalable

With up to 48 server-class cores and a highly scalable on-chip interconnect, the Qualcomm Centriq 2400 processor delivers high performance for scale-out datacenter workloads.

Throughput Performance

The Qualcomm Centriq 2400 includes a balanced combination of compute, memory and high speed I/O to deliver high performance per thread at leading-edge performance per watt.

Energy Efficient

Our single-chip platform-level system on a chip (SoC) includes sophisticated power management capabilities to deliver low idle power and leading-edge performance per watt. 

Server Class Features

Built specifically for the datacenter server industry, the Qualcomm Centriq processor includes innovative features for multi-tenant and other virtualized workloads, including quality of service for noisy neighbor management and immutable root of trust security.


Open Ecosystem

Our Qualcomm Centriq product family offers an open ecosystem alternative that delivers innovation and choice. We are collaborating with leading technology companies to create best-of-breed solution offerings.

Broad ecosystem enablement.

Watch how a few industry leaders are developing best-of-breed solutions for cloud datacenter workloads using the Qualcomm Centriq 2400 processor.

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