High performance with our mobile RF platform.

Qualcomm Technologies has a wide-ranging portfolio of RF solutions that includes multimode, multiband RF transceivers and Qualcomm® RF Front End™ radio front-end components. Utilizing advanced RF design and process technology, our RF solutions complement our advanced digital modems to provide a comprehensive, high-performance mobile RF platform.

A superior RF front-end solution.

Qualcomm RF360 front-end solution includes a comprehensive family of chips—power amplifier modules, power trackers, antenna tuners, RF switches, diversity receive modules, integrated and discrete filters, multiplexers, and extractors—designed to address band fragmentation in LTE and LTE Advanced carrier aggregation while improving RF performance and helping manufacturers more easily develop multiband, multimode mobile devices that can support multiple 2G, 3G, 4G and 4G+ LTE standards.

The problem

4G/4G+ LTE band fragmentation

Multiple versions of the same LTE device are required to accommodate the worldwide proliferation of cellular bands—40 already, and counting. The problem gets even worse when you consider the different band combinations required to support LTE Advanced carrier aggregation.

The solution

Simplifying LTE Advanced multiband RF complexity

The Qualcomm RF Front End solution is designed to support carrier aggregation with the flexibility needed for even the most complex RF band configurations required by LTE Advanced. Qualcomm RF Front End power amplifier modules, front-end modules and diversity receive modules are designed to support more bands in highly integrated configurations, while offering cutting-edge performance and power efficiency. The Qualcomm® Signal Boost™ antenna performance enhancement solution is engineered to support high signal performance through sophisticated modem-assisted control.

The advantage

Integration at the system level

Designed to support global and regional LTE Advanced carrier aggregation band combinations, Qualcomm RF Front End provides a comprehensive, system-level RF front-end solution. Qualcomm RF Front End is designed to work together with the modem and RF transceiver to allow manufacturers the flexibility to design thinner, battery-friendly LTE and LTE Advanced mobile devices that deliver higher performance using less power.

The unified Qualcomm RF front-end solution.

Qualcomm RF Front End brings together a vast set of advanced RF front-end technologies to build a comprehensive mobile platform that is designed to support advanced features such as Gigabit LTE and LTE Advanced.

Power Amplifier

Offering manufacturers a broad range of multiband, multimode power amplifiers for high performance or cost-optimized Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ All Mode architectures that support a wide range of radio frequencies in all device tiers.

Qualcomm Technologies Chips: QPA546x, QPA436x, QSW8574, QPA4340, QFE2340, QPA4373

RF Switch and Switch Module

High performance integrated and discrete RF switches built on proprietary layer transfer technology to deliver high linearity and low insertion loss for advanced 4G/4G+ architectures.

Qualcomm Technologies Chips: QPA8574, embedded switches in various RF front-end modules

Low Noise Amplifier

Extensive portfolio of integrated and discrete low noise amplifiers (LNAs) to support high performance receive and diversity receive chains in advanced multi-mode, multi-band designs.

Filter Products

Extensive portfolio of high performance embedded and discrete duplexers, diplexers and acoustic filters including SAW, TC-SAW and BAW filters.

Chips: www.rf360jv.com

Antenna Tuning Solutions

A comprehensive multi-tier portfolio of antenna performance enhancement technologies including the world’s first dynamic and reconfigurable modem-assisted commercial antenna matching tuner, aperture tuner and antenna diversity switch for 4G/4G+ devices. Advanced tunability allows OEMs to design sleek smartphones and tablets with high signal performance, wide frequency range and extensive band support.

Qualcomm Technologies Chips: QAT3550 impedance matching tuner, QAT3514 aperture tuner, QAT3522 antenna diversity switch

Power Tracker

Cutting-edge envelope tracker and average power tracker solutions for the next generation of ultra-fast 4G+ mobile devices. QET4100, the world’s first commercially announced 40 MHz envelope tracker (ET) for 4G LTE FDD and LTE TDD, works intelligently with the LTE modem to support power-efficient connectivity. The QFE2101 average power tracker can provide a cost-optimized solution in value-tier RF front-ends.

Qualcomm Technologies Chips: QET4100, QFE3100, QFE1100, QFE2101, QFE1101

PAMiD Module

Multimode, multiband power amplifier modules including duplexers (PAMiD) integrate multiplexers, filters, antenna switches and low-noise amplifiers allowing highly integrated transmit and receive chains, optimized for envelope tracking, for premium RF performance while helping to reduce the manufacturer’s development time.

Diversity Receive Module

Diversity receive modules (DRx modules) combine switches, filters and low-noise amplifiers into a module, providing a highly integrated, user-friendly solution for implementing high-order diversity receive paths for advanced 4G/4G+ architectures.

A single transceiver for every major cellular mode.

Designed to support all major cellular modes—including 2G, 3G, 4G LTE and 4G+—and major cellular bands from 700-2700 MHz, Qualcomm Technologies’ RF Transceivers offer mobile device manufacturers a highly integrated multimode design that works in multiple regions around the world.

Qualcomm RF Front End, Qualcomm TruSignal, and Qualcomm Snapdragon are products of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.