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Qualcomm® RaptorQ™ is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

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Raptor technology - improving content delivery.

Raptor technology ensures accurate and timely delivery of all sizes of content whether it’s clip-casting, digital cinema movies, vehicle map/content delivery, coupons, news, push website services or database updates.

Qualcomm® RaptorQ™ forward error correction technology enables efficient and profitable delivery of digital cinema content over satellite.

Real Image Media Technologies, India’s leading provider of technology in the film, video and audio domains, has incorporated RaptorQ into their QubeCast media transmission system to deliver advertising and movie content to about 1,000 theatre sites connected via a VSAT satellite network.

Solution Highlights:
  • Accurate and timely delivery of advertisements is critical for the bottom line
  • Less satellite network transmission costs spread over more sites means greater economies-of-scale
  • No additional hardware costs – software runs on playback servers already deployed without disrupting playback

Raptor technology is more efficient than TCP/IP for file transfer.

Why Raptor codes are better than TCP/IP for File Transfer explains how Raptor Technology provides guaranteed file delivery while overcoming the bandwidth inefficiencies of TCP/IP and reducing costs.

Raptor FEC is the best choice for mobile broadcast.

Delivering high-quality multimedia in a mobile environment is a challenging and resource-intensive task. In order to maximize revenue, mobile operators must deliver an ever-increasing volume of content to more customers while conserving valuable spectrum resources. Benefits of Raptor Codes for Mobile File Broadcast and Raptor Codes for Mobile Multimedia Broadcast Case Study detail how Raptor technology is the superior FEC method for enabling operators to maximize the cost and convenience benefits of broadcast services.

RaptorQ can increase revenue, lower operating costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Mobile broadcast applications enabled with RaptorQ provide the most efficient delivery of multimedia content to the mobile device, enabling the delivery of more content over a broader geographic range while using bandwidth more efficiently. RaptorQ is a dynamic solution that solves the common problems associated with content delivery in a mobile environment, including signal loss, interference and delivery confirmation challenges. Whether you are sending video clips or, coupons or news updates, your original content can be completely reconstructed.

For more information on how Raptor technology can be applied to content delivery solutions please visit our Resource page.