QChat ™

Push-to-talk that speaks to the future.

QChat is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Qualcomm ® RaptorQ ™

The smoothest, most reliable way for data to travel.

RaptorQ is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Flexible and efficient algorithms.

Create a potentially limitless amount of encoded data from source data.

No need to retransmit lost data.

Recover source data from encoded data, regardless of the data received.  

A solution to suit your needs.

It works in extremes of low or high-loss conditions as needed. 

Super charge delivery of your content.

Get speedy transfers and clear streaming with fast encoding and decoding algorithms.  

The FEC of choice.

RaptorQ, the latest and best-performing Raptor FEC, is IETF RFC 6330, and will continue to be adopted into future standards.

Keep Your Digital Media Flowing

Streaming video without the hiccups.

Raptor-enhanced applications can significantly improve the quality of broadcast TV, video on demand, live streaming video, and more.

File transfers without delay.

Content deliveries like digital cinema movies, database updates, and push website services arrive quickly with help from Raptor technology.