QChat ™

Push-to-talk that speaks to the future.

QChat is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Qualcomm ® RaptorQ ™

The smoothest, most reliable way for data to travel.

RaptorQ is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Help your data get there every time.

Files and streaming media travel in packets, which are reassembled upon arrival. But networks inherently lose some packets, leading to delays, buffering, and jitter.  Qualcomm® RaptorQ™ forward error correction technology recovers lost data without retransmission, so your HD video streams smoothly and your files arrive reliably and on time.

Did you know?

A mere 1% packet loss can make a video unwatchable.

Why use a Raptor code?

Best quality streaming.

Get live HD streaming on your mobile device.

Lightning fast downloads.

With RaptorQ, files actually get where they’re going faster thanks to bandwidth efficiency and high-speed decoding.

Mobile and PC platform support.

The highly portable technology is operating system agnostic, making it easy to implement on all device types and networks.

RaptorQ Technology Overview Video

Sep 19, 2012


A Raptor-enabled streaming solution eliminates video artifacts

Mar 14, 2012


Keep the data flowing.

RaptorQ can enhance live multimedia broadcast, video chat, digital cinema file delivery, broadcast/multicast content delivery—any service that sends HD video or very large files.

HD Video via LTE Broadcast

KT Corporation, one of the largest telecom providers in Korea, has introduced the world’s first commercial LTE Broadcast, which leverages RaptorQ to deliver HD video and high-quality audio for a moble TV experince like no other.

From Hollywood to Bollywood.

Real Image Media Technologies—India’s leader in film, video, and audio technology—uses RaptorQ in their QubeCast media transmission system, delivering advertising and movie content to over 1,000 theaters via a VSAT satellite network.


When it comes to performance, ease, and capabilities, RaptorQ is the best Raptor code available.


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