centriq2400 processor

Qualcomm Centriq 2400 Processor



CPU Cache: 64KB L1 instruction cache with 24KB single-cycle L0 cache, 32KB L1 data cache, Dual-core structure with 512KB shared unified L2 cache with ECC, Up to 60MB distributed unified L3 cache with ECC, Integrated L2 snoop filter, Cache QoS


Process Technology: 10nm FinFET


Memory Bandwidth: 6 DDR4 memory channels, Up to 2667 MT/s per channel, 128 GB/s peak aggegate bandwidth, Inline bandwidth compression

Memory Capacity: 6 x 128 GB/Channel - 768 GB capacity

Memory Type: 64-bit DDR4 channels with 8-bit ECC, RDIMM and LRDIMM, Up to quad rank 3DS


Supported Interfaces: 32 lanes PCI Express Gen 3 up to x16, 6 controllers, 8 lanes SATA Gen 3, I²C, GPIO, SPI

Qualcomm High-Speed Coherent Interconnect

Features: Qualcomm proprietary protocol, Full cache and IO coherency, Bi-directional segmented coherent ring, Up to 268 GBps per ring segment, Shortest path routing


Features: Distributed architecture, Single chip platform-level solution, Arm SBSA Level 3 compliant, Integrated management controller


Package Type: LGA (socketed)

Package Size: 55x55 mm

Pins: 2808 pins

Pitch: 1.0 mm Pitch