QChat is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

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High performance for mobile operators.

The QChat™ platform offers a carrier-grade, high-performing solution customized for network operator infrastructure to meet the demanding needs of both mobile operators and users. This delivers a best-in-class user experience and productivity-enhancing capabilities for users with a range of features.

  • Compatible over 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi®
  • Feature phone or smartphone
  • 20+ licensed OEMs/ODMs signed as QChat licensees
  • Android™, Brew™ platform, and iOS®
  • 50+ devices launched, with more in development
  • Multiple form factors, including rugged devices

Features operators count on.


  • Efficient network signaling and optimized for high-speed packet data transfer over 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi.
  • Compatibility across CDMA, WCDMA, and LTE (including EV-DO Rev. A, CDMA 1X, UMTS, HSPA, and HSPA+).
  • Always-on, highly reliable, and scalable architecture.


  • Extensive operations, administration, and maintenance (OA&M) support capabilities.
  • Enhanced backend infrastructure support to diagnose and fix problems faster.
  • Optimized radio access network (RAN) recommendations to reduce connect times.
  • Facilitation with enterprise applications and custom enterprise solutions support.
  • Roaming within operator network (across regions).
  • Dispatch console gateway.

Enhanced Capabilities

  • Available on purpose-built devices with a dedicated PTT key.
  • Downloadable app on carrier-selected smartphones.
  • Software architecture designed to enhance the capabilities of each OS, provide a best-in-class user experience, and simplify OEM integration for faster time-to-market.
  • Pre-installed PTT chipset optimizations.
  • Light and efficient app layer signaling protocol designed for PTT.
  • Application developer kit (ADK) and APIs to develop and integrate advanced communications apps.

A best-in-class user experience.

QChat enables simultaneous access to 3G or 4G PTT, data, and voice on the same device, which allows users to receive alerts, PTT calls, voice calls, and text messages even while on another PTT call or voice call, or while navigating the web. In addition, QChat is the only solution that provides guaranteed talk permit, ensuring that when a user hears the PTT “chirp,” their voice can be transmitted and heard by the recipient.

Features that put users in control.

PTT Call Types

  • Direct Call: between two users for fast two-way communication
  • Ad Hoc Group Call: up to 25-member list defined by users on the go
  • Closed Group (Unicast): up to 500-member list defined by the customer
  • Instant Call: full duplex 1:1

Control and Efficiency

  • Participant tracking
  • Add users during a call
  • Fast floor arbitration during group calls
  • Talker pre-emption for highest-priority members
  • Call Restriction: allow, deny, or force calls
  • Presence: quick indication of target user availability

Multimedia Communication

  • Text, photos, audio, videos, and more
  • Alerts: quick text messages defined by the user
  • Closed Chat Rooms: restricted to members defined by the customer
  • Facilitation with enterprise apps and custom enterprise solutions