Broadband that's built in.

If you’ve got electricity, you’ve got broadband. Qualcomm Powerline technology uses your homes existing power outlets to provide a high-performance network, solving connectivity problems in hard-to-reach areas. And setting it up is as easy as plugging it in.

Two options. Fast or even faster.

As part of Qualcomm Powerline technology, Qualcomm® HomePlug solutions support a wide range of bandwidth needs for more than 100,000 devices today. With HomePlug AV, users can enjoy speeds up to 200 Mbps, while with HomePlug AV2 those speeds more than quadruple to deliver up to 1 Gbps. And what’s best of all, both solutions are based on the IEEE 1901 global powerline standards. 

What can Qualcomm Powerline technology do?

Teach your old house new tricks.

Your house wasn’t built with wireless in mind. With Qualcomm Powerline technology, you can bypass signal obstacles like brickwork, stucco, and metal plaster lath.

Give you all the power you need.

You’ve got options, including gigabit Powerline based on the HomePlug® AV2 standard, which supports even the most demanding HD video applications.

Help you go green.

HomePlug Green PHY delivers cost-effective connectivity while reducing power consumption by up to 75%. It’s already being used for home energy management for appliances, smart meters for utility companies, and electric vehicles and charging stations.

Keep your office humming.

Spotty broadband can stall productivity, but Qualcomm Powerline technology provides reliable coverage from the front desk to the conference room in the back.

Charge smarter.

HomePlug Green PHY charges your plug-in electric and plug-in hybrid-electric vehicles while providing reliable high-speed connectivity.