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Small cells help meet skyrocketing data demand by bringing the network closer.

Improve mobile coverage and increase network capacity with Qualcomm Technologies’ small cells solutions. Our suite of FSM™ small cell solutions from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and cutting-edge technologies are helping carriers meet the dramatic increase in the demand for mobile broadband by bringing the network closer to users, where it is needed the most. Enabling indoor and outdoor deployment of small cells (including femtocells and microcells) in residential and enterprise environments improves network coverage, performance and power efficiency—providing users with better and faster mobile connectivity in more places.

Enhance user experience with Qualcomm Technologies’ small cells.

In today’s environment, small cells (including femtocells and microcells) are essential for applications in need of increased bandwidth as well as the growing number of connected devices. In order for the technology industry to keep up with demand for mobile broadband, there is a need to increase the efficiency of existing assets; employ more resources in the form of small cells and spectrum; and adopt radically different ways of acquiring, deploying, operating, and managing these resources.


Qualcomm Technologies’ customers are realizing the benefits of small cells solutions for residential/neighborhood and enterprise markets today. Our comprehensive small cells solutions allow operators to quickly, easily and cost-effectively deliver additional network capacity to enhance mobile experiences so they can retain existing customers, grow market share and generate new revenue. As the industry evolves, Qualcomm Technologies’ products are ideal for meeting demand and accelerating growth in the small cells market as we drive commercialization of LTE-U/LAA and innovate with emerging technologies such as Neutral Host, MulteFire and LTE over 3.5 GHz.

Outstanding performance

Build high-performance, cost-effective small cells using hardware and software to provide outstanding performance and scalability to simplify the deployment of dense networks. Our solutions deliver a faster, better and more efficient mobile broadband experience. 

Ease of deployment

Simplify all types of small cell deployment scenarios with UltraSON™ technology from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a suite of self-organizing and management algorithms designed to address deployment challenges and realize the vision of plug-and-play, self-configuring and self-optimizing hyper-dense networks. 

Inside-out deployment

Create a dense, compatible network of low-cost, plug-and-play, open access, indoor small cells with Neighborhood Small Cells (NSC), an indoor deployment model that offers very high indoor capacity— where most wireless data is consumed—while also providing coverage outside. 

LTE in unlicensed spectrum

Qualcomm Technologies is a leader in extending the benefits of LTE to unlicensed spectrum. By providing the industry’s first LTE-U small cell system-on-chip (SoC), Qualcomm Technologies is enabling additional capacity and coverage for mobile operators. Our FSM chipset also enables software upgradability to LAA (based on 3GPP Release 13), which is a global standard for aggregating LTE in licensed and unlicensed spectrum. 

LTE – Wi-Fi convergence

LTE and Wi-Fi are converging in access points that deliver high-capacity, high-density coverage and enable multi-carrier 3G/4G services support. Take advantage of our fully featured small cell solutions that leverage our longstanding expertise and leadership in both LTE and Wi-Fi. 

Complete, scalable solutions

Easily deliver low-cost small cells for a variety of market segments, including residential, enterprise and more, with our complete portfolio of high-performance small cell solutions, helping to ensure platform and software compatibility across FSM products.

Advanced HetNet (heterogeneous network)

Serve various segments and enable low-cost, hyper-dense small and medium business (SMB), neighborhood and residential small cell deployments with our advanced heterogeneous network (HetNet) and small cell UltraSON techniques, which help reduce interference and maintain high service quality.

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