Wi-Fi Mesh Networks

A new era in home networking.

Every home is unique, and so are the needs of those using home networks. Some want to keep it simple, while others insist on maximum performance, and everyone wants the utmost in security. A new type of Wi-Fi gear is hitting the market to change the way that people network their homes. Instead of using one router, these new distributed Wi-Fi systems use multiple router-like devices to blanket the entire home with simple, reliable and secure connectivity.

A home with a two mesh network access points

Whole Home Coverage

Set it and forget it simplicity. 

Mesh networks can connect industrial, audio, and even wearable technology in a mesh network.

Connecting the IoT

Wi-Fi, BLE, 15.4-based connectivity.

Qualcomm mesh networks can provide voice assistant solutions.

Voice Capabilities

Support for voice assistance capabilities.

Game changing wireless technology leadership.

Wi-Fi mesh networks are based around access points

Simple, Seamless, Secure

Qualcomm Wi-Fi SON simplifies Wi-Fi set-up and continually optimizes network traffic to eliminate dead spots. The result is strong, reliable and secure connections for all devices – without user intervention. 

Connectivity galore

Qualcomm Technologies offer a range of 11ac, 11ad, and 11ax Wi-Fi, Powerline, and Ethernet solutions to create dedicated connections between routers in a mesh system, to reduce bottlenecks and maintain the fastest possible Wi-Fi in every corner of the home.

The ultimate multitasker

With more and more connected devices coming into the household, Wi-Fi networks are becoming overloaded. Qualcomm 11ac solutions with MU-MIMO serves multiple Wi-Fi devices simultaneously, instead of one at a time – for 2-3x faster connections in crowded networks.

Platform Prowess

Mesh networks have never been easier to launch, with the Qualcomm Mesh Network Platform now available to network manufacturers, broadband carriers, and anyone else looking to redefine home networking.

Start developing today.

The Qualcomm® Mesh Networking Development Kit for Amazon AVS is a hardware development kit that gives you the necessary building blocks to develop a mesh Wi-Fi system that features Amazon AVS.

Qualcomm Mesh Networking Development Kit for Amazon AVS and Qualcomm Mesh Networking Platform are products of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., and/or its subsidiaries.

An image of the AVS enabled mesh network development kit,

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