Enterprise Networks

Make network accessibility easier, from almost anywhere.

Across almost every non-home environment—schools, libraries, businesses, restaurants, train stations, airports, hospitals—access to connectivity is increasingly important. Qualcomm Technologies’ advanced enterprise networking solutions help our customers tackle the extreme density and data issues of these environments. 

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Wi-Fi technology leadership

Build products with the most advanced Qualcomm® Wi-Fi technology offerings from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., including 802.11ac MU-MIMO in numerous configurations and 802.11ad—a sophisticated blend of speed and intelligent, multitasking performance with our enterprise networking technologies. 

Converging technologies

Meet enterprise data demands with more integrated connectivity, power, flexibility and interoperability across spectrums and technologies. Our technology helps customers develop networking products that enable integration across 3G and 4G LTE networks, Wi-Fi networks via small cells and LTE-U augmentation of existing LTE networks. 

Exceeding user expectations

Deliver the speed, reliability, security and ease of use that customers need with our enterprise networking solutions that help alleviate network density and enable development of networking products that are fast, efficient, safe, and easy to manage and connect to. 

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Enterprise access points

Create industry-leading access points in almost all non-home environments with Qualcomm Technologies’ enterprise access point solutions, delivering consistently reliable connectivity to thousands of users with multiple devices.

Small cells

Develop leading networking products with Qualcomm Technologies’ small cell solutions, helping carriers and enterprise network operators bring the network even closer to the user for more exceptional experiences. 

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We work with customers at the forefront of creating cutting-edge products for enterprise networks, including: 

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