Carrier Networks

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Wi-Fi technology leadership

Build products utilizing our leadership technology that’s designed for the future—first with Wave-2 802.11ac, then 802.11ad and Wi-Fi SON. See how we enable LTE and Wi-Fi convergence and contextual solutions that are transforming the way users experience connectivity. 

Enabling smooth experiences

With the rapid influx of connected devices in homes and businesses and network complexity increasing, carriers can use our Qualcomm® Wi-Fi Self-Organizing Network (SON) technologies from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.,  to optimize, secure and unlock new business models targeting whole home coverage and other key user experience vectors in the home environment. 

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Broadband gateways

Easily deliver products for the home network ecosystem with Qualcomm Technologies’ broadband gateway solutions, providing the speed of gigabit networks and performance needed to allow for increasing connected device and home data usage. 

Small cells

Develop leading products with Qualcomm Technologies’ small cell solutions, helping carriers and enterprise network operators bring the network closer to the user for more exceptional experiences. 

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We work with customers at the forefront of creating cutting-edge products for carrier networks, including: 

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