Broadband Gateways

Build and maintain an open home networking ecosystem.

Create gateways for the home network ecosystem with Qualcomm Technologies’ broadband solutions. Our platforms leverage some of the latest and most advanced Wi-Fi and networking technologies with cutting-edge features and powerful, capable processors. With more connected devices and data being consumed more aggressively than ever before, our solutions make it easier to deliver the gateway products consumers need to enhance all of their connected device experiences.  

Overcome product development challenges.

Consumers are requiring more capacity, as well as ample intelligence to ensure reliability, security and seamless experiences with broadband gateways in the home. As a result, we are expanding, integrating, and converging multiple technology paths to stay ahead of the demand.   


Our broadband gateway solutions are well-integrated and managed with advanced features that leverage cutting-edge networking technology. Qualcomm® Wi-Fi Self-Organizing Network (SON) from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a prime example of cutting-edge software features we’ve developed and deployed, maximizes bands and capabilities to help ensure optimum network performance. 

Wi-Fi technology leadership

Take advantage of our experience in developing leading Wi-Fi technologies, such as 802.11ac MU-MIMO, 802.11ad and the upcoming 802.11ax, as well as new business models like Distributed Wi-Fi—enabled by our most advanced configurations and features.

Performance for the modern network

Help eliminate buffering, dropped devices, congestion, slow speeds and more with our 802.11ac MU-MIMO, allowing a router to simultaneously serve several devices with just the right amount of bandwidth needed. 

Network potential realized

Ensuring a home Wi-Fi network achieves its maximum potential starts with optimizing with Qualcomm Wi-Fi SON, enabling tightly integrated configuration, management, prioritization and security capabilities. 

Next-generation throughput

Create ultra-high-speed zones—as fast as 4.6Gbps—with 802.11ad, our leading tri-band solution. Combined with 802.11ac, 802.11ad helps networks handle skyrocketing media traffic by increasing network capacity.

Processing power

Bring tremendous processing power and flexibility to home and enterprise networking equipment with Qualcomm® Internet Processor (IPQ) from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. When IPQ is combined with our connectivity technologies and software, home and enterprise networks can support intelligent connectivity, communication and enhanced management of in-building sensors and systems. 

Get started developing with our networking solutions.