Creating powerfully intelligent wireless networks.

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Technology leadership

Take advantage of our experience in pioneering Wi-Fi technologies, such as 802.11ac MU-MIMO, 802.11ad, Qualcomm® Wi-Fi Self Organizing Networks (SON) from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and more.

Superior performance

Help eliminate buffering, dropped devices, congestion, slow speeds, and more with our featured Qualcomm® Tri-band Wi-Fi 6, Qualcomm® 4k QAM techniques, and our Qualcomm® Wi-Fi Security Suite designed to deliver the ultimate in network management capabilities with lower latency, powerful computing and robust security.

Advanced platform design

Our platforms are designed to set a high industry benchmark for scalability and performance, supporting thousands of simultaneous users with varied scalable offerings, manufacturers can develop products with applications ranging from home Wi-Fi mesh systems to enterprise access points targeting business, large-venue, and campus networks.

Powerful intelligence

Our expertly designed platforms combine powerful computing and network acceleration methods to bring superior performance and power efficiency to Wi-Fi routers and gateways. Exceptional optimization allows for minimized CPU utilization to support customization and unique applications for relevant services.

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Enterprise Networks

Combining superior connectivity, computing power, and intelligence our high-performance enterprise solutions keep users connected. Advanced scheduling techniques and architectural design can deliver high bandwidth connectivity in businesses, schools, and venues with hundreds or thousands of simultaneous users.

Home Networks

Our home-focused portfolio of networking platforms deliver our most advanced Wi-Fi and networking technologies to create truly immersive smart home experiences. With cutting-edge Wi-Fi 6 and 6E, our full range of differentiated network features, and powerful, capable network processors and accelerators are designed to offer seamless Wi-Fi coverage and higher connectivity speeds for home networks. Upon this foundation, we’re enabling manufacturers and broadband carriers to deliver services, advanced features, and tremendous innovation.

High Performance Scheduling Unlocks Wi-Fi 6 Potential

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Qualcomm Multi-User Traffic Management techniques, Qualcomm Max-user Architecture, Qualcomm Wi-Fi SON, Qualcomm Tri-band Wi-Fi 6, Qualcomm 4k QAM techniques, Qualcomm Wi-Fi Security Suite, Qualcomm Networking Pro, Qualcomm IPQ8074, and Qualcomm Mesh Networking Platform are products of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its subisidiaries.