Always On, Always Connected PCs support commercial IT solutions.

The Snapdragon compute platform offers modern security solutions that are engineered to protect devices from chip to cloud. Blending advanced Windows 10 security with a mobile compute architecture helps secure data and devices through a persistent connection to cloud intelligence. With the surge in remote workers, IT decision makers (ITDMs) can extend their enterprise perimeter with the built-in modern security of the Snapdragon compute platform.

Platform Security

From the moment you press the power button, Snapdragon compute platforms enter a layered secure boot with multiple verifications to help ensure your device starts safely and securely. Windows Secure Boot verifies the firmware and bootloader digital signature, ensuring only trusted components are loaded. Hypervisor and Virtualization Based Security (VBS) on Snapdragon compute platforms deliver advanced Windows security features required for endpoints to be classified as Microsoft Secured-core PCs - the most secure devices out-of-the-box.

Microsoft Secured-Core PC

Enabling the latest PC security for the most secure devices out-of-the-box.

Layered Platform Secure Boot

Hardware Root of Trust enables NIST protection and security from the moment you power on with hardware-based firmware validation to verify signed boot images.

Hardware access control

Helps protect assets such as private user data, account credentials, and device configuration by restricting access to only authorized applications.

Hardware accelerated encryption

Delivers high-speed file storage protection.

Microsoft Hyper-V Enabled

Provides OS isolation for Windows security features and virtualized environments.

Qualcomm® Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)

Isolated code execution environment designed to help protect confidential and sensitive data.

Zero Trust Framework

Snapdragon compute platforms enhance foundational Windows security features with mobile sensors for conditional access to corporate resources when implementing a Zero-Trust environment. Connection health monitoring helps keep connectivity more secure, reducing concerns of “man in the middle” attacks. Security leads can also leverage modern sensor technologies, including biometric and GPS sensors, to make more informed Zero Trust decisions to maintain security of corporate resources.


GPS sensor to maintain geofencing policies for location based Zero Trust decisions.


Connection health monitoring can uncover a spoofed Wi-Fi network, blocking Man in the Middle Attacks that lead to data breaches.


Biometric sensors for identity access management.

Always Connected Security

Increased device visibility with always on, always connected Snapdragon PCs enables IT to see and manage remote employee systems as though they are virtually on prem. Snapdragon compute platforms provide performance to get things done, up to multiple days of battery life, and increased connectivity and visibility, with modern device management and a solid foundation of security.

Always On, Always Connected

Snapdragon compute platforms offer increased visibility for threat detection and response through persistent connectivity (4G/5G/Wi-Fi), even out of Wi-Fi range or in low power idle states.

Cloud Intelligence

Persistent link to cloud AI for deep analysis of corporate fleet of endpoints to monitor for and protect from malicious activity.

Real-time Telemetry

Increased device telemetry can enable cloud intelligence to detection threats and remediation.

Platform Intelligence (AI)

The Snapdragon compute platform includes the Qualcomm® AI Engine that can enable 3rd party applications to develop solutions for detection of zero day attacks by instantly detecting behavioral anomalies, preventing data breaches. The power efficiency of the Qualcomm AI Engine can also enable 3rd party applications to develop solutions that can continuously authenticate the edge, monitoring identity throughout user activity.

Accelerate Threat Detection

The dedicated AI processor can deliver real-time behavioral analysis on the edge to accelerate detection of and protection from zero-day threats

Continuous Authentication

Edge AI delivers the ability to monitor identity throughout user activity, designed to protect access to corporate resources

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*Always On, Always Connected PCs require network connectivity and compatible networks. Battery life varies significantly based on device, settings, usage, and other factors.

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