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Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx 5G transforms businesses by bringing the best of the smartphone to PCs.

Apr 1, 2020


Snapdragon mobile computing platforms deliver extreme data protection.

The Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ mobile computing platforms power Always On, Always Connected PCs (ACPCs) that deliver extreme performance, multi-day battery life*, and super-fast 4G LTE and 5G connectivity**, all with an enhanced focus on data security.

Workforce productivity

Unleash productivity with transformative lightning-fast performance, multi-gigabit 4G LTE and 5G connectivity with multi-day battery life – all while delivering enterprise-grade security, modern device management and integration to reduce downtime and increase the reliability and productivity of your enterprise.

Enterprise-grade security

Snapdragon mobile computing platforms support secure boot for hardware-based validation, device attestation for hardware and firmware platform security, and integrated TPM to enable features such as device encryption and Windows Hello.

Information protection

Snapdragon mobile computing platforms feature a built-in suite of security features to safeguard passwords, log-ons, and sensitive personal information. Full support for Windows 10 Enterprise security features​ and Windows Hypervisor also enable additional security capabilities to prevent platform exploits​.

Modern device management

Increase workplace productivity with Office 365, cloud-based storage and access to your apps & services anytime, anywhere. Track, manage and update all devices with location-aware 4G LTE and 5G connectivity. GPS-enabled geofencing, security policy enforcement, data management and real-time device status reporting.​

Combine the connectivity of a smartphone with the power of a PC.

Build ACPCs for the modern workforce with the Snapdragon 8cx compute platform, the world’s first 7nm platform. The Snapdragon 8cx compute platform redefines what a laptop can do, thanks to extreme performance and connectivity, enabling productivity virtually anywhere. PCs powered by the Snapdragon 8cx can support multi-day battery life, so users can collaborate in real time with cloud-based apps and services. The Snapdragon 8cx compute platform is designed to eliminate traditional PC headaches—short battery life, slow start-up, and lack of cellular connection—while delivering premium PC power and performance on the go.

Experience lightning-fast connectivity

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* Battery life varies significantly with settings, usage, and other factors.
** Requires network connection and compatible network.

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