Connected performance that can take you places.

Redefined mobile computing.

Snapdragon® compute platforms enable thin, light, fan-less laptops that deliver incredible performance, unbelievable battery life, advanced camera and audio capabilities, with highly secure, robust connectivity. The result is a laptop that is extremely portable, delivers great experiences, with battery life and connectivity to let you connect virtually anywhere.

Laptops should do more than fit on your lap, Snapdragon compute platforms enable truly mobile computing.

Superior performance

Laptops built with the Snapdragon compute platform deliver powerful performance and productivity with eye-popping graphics. The Snapdragon compute platform is designed to deliver the performance for truly immersive user experiences.

Extraordinary battery life

Experience extraordinary battery life that’s up to twice as long as typical laptops offer - 2x the battery life in active use mode, and up to 5x longer in connected standby mode.

Lightning-fast connectivity

The Snapdragon compute platform offers 4G and 5G for Always On, Always Connected PCs that deliver blazing-fast connectivity. Compatibility with virtually any band used by global operators enables you to stay connected almost anywhere.

Advanced Camera and Audio

When you need to connect remotely, you want to feel as close to being there as possible. That is why Snapdragon compute platforms offer advanced capabilities to deliver crisp and clear video and audio. Snapdragon compute platforms really help you connect.

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