Essential performance, multi-day battery life, and flexible connectivity options.

Snapdragon-powered Always Connected Chromebooks deliver performance and efficiency.

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ compute platforms are completely revolutionizing the world of mobile computing. Always Connected Chromebooks powered by Snapdragon support performance and efficiency, with no compromise. This means you can get things done quickly, and multi-day battery life lets you take your time when you need to. The powerful AI capabilities of the Snapdragon compute platform enable modern, intelligent applications to run smoothly. 4G LTE enabled Snapdragon platforms offer the most connected Chromebooks available, which is essential for a cloud first experience.

The responsiveness you love from your smartphone with powerful and efficient performance.

Octa-core performance and built-in apps like Google Docs, or productivity apps from the Google Play Store, help you get more done with Snapdragon 7c powered Chromebooks.

The extreme efficiency of the Snapdragon compute platform enables incredible performance in thin, lightweight, and fanless Chromebooks with multi-day battery life.*

Security is built right in with Chromebooks powered by Snapdragon 7c compute platforms.

Chromebooks built with the cutting-edge Snapdragon 7c compute platform are designed for reliability and security. Snapdragon 7c enables your Chromebook to go through a verified boot process at startup, and automatically return to a safer version if malicious changes are detected.

Stay entertained and connected with enhanced video, image, and voice capabilities**.

5th Generation Qualcomm® AI Engine** supports acceleration of intelligent apps on device. Combined with Snapdragon’s high fidelity, cutting-edge camera capabilities and further aided by Snapdragon audio technologies, you can expect clearer video conferences when learning or working remotely.

Instant on, always connected, with multi-day* battery life.

Press the on button and get an immediate response – just like your smartphone. Starts fast, stays fast. With 4G LTE† enabled Snapdragon powered Chromebooks, access your cloud and Google apps virtually anytime, anywhere to instantly upload photos and videos, or chat with friends and family via Google Meet.

Snapdragon 7c powered Chromebooks efficiency enables long battery life – to work, play, watch, and create all day long – so you can leave your charger at home.

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† LTE connectivity requires OEM enablement and network activation.
* Multi-day defined as two+ eight hour days on a single charge. Battery life varies significantly based on device, settings, usage, and other factors
** OS enablement required
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