Qualcomm IoT Services Suite

Accelerate digital transformation with comprehensive end-to-end solutions.

Efficiently manage and deploy smart, connected solutions.

The Qualcomm IoT Services Suite delivers an end-to-end, scalable IoT solution. Our IoT as-a-Service (IoTaaS) offering includes comprehensive support for everything from hardware to software, providing companies and municipalities with integrated, plug-and-play deployments in even the most demanding IoT situations. Bypass common challenges such as system integrating complex technologies and fragmented solutions with offerings from members of the Qualcomm® Smart Cities Accelerator Program —making it easier, quicker, and more cost-effective to manage and deploy connected cities and spaces. Digitally transform spaces with the support of our foundational technologies including connectivity, edge computing, security-rich technologies, and AI-based insights.

Integrated, streamlined, and ready for deployment

Scalable solutions from intelligent edge to cloud.

  • End-to-end IoT solution ready for deployment, reducing or eliminating the need to system integrate solutions from separate vendors and disparate technologies.
  • Backed by our deep system-level expertise, combined with long-established working relationships across the ecosystem, we’re empowering customers to transform industries.
  • Comprehensive solutions using cutting-edge AI technology, including distribution, on-device processing, security, and learning.

Integrated platform with a centralized command and control center system.

  • Open, inter-operable, suite of solutions with real-time visualization, geo-spatial visualization, and integration of multiple systems and data points for meaningful, actionable insights.
  • Unified digital infrastructure to function as master systems integrator, decision support system, and operations control center for smart cities, spaces, and industries.
  • Single, integrated software solution to control use-case planning, allocate resources, communicate with users, receive event notifications, and view real-time data and analytics.
  • Digital twin utilizing AI camera and LIDAR that provides a complete visualization of the monitored space and resources.

Digitally transform services across industries.

  • Digitalization and transformational services enable organizations to streamline enterprise software and systems across multiple industries and applications.
  • Derive business insights through smart AI and data analytics.
  • Enable access to information, with reliable and high-speed connectivity, low power compute, privacy and security.
  • Reduce software infrastructure and maintenance costs by adopting scalable, containerized architecture utilizing DevOps capabilities.
  • Optimization with on-device and edge cloud capabilities to shift industries towards the wireless, intelligent edge.

Enabling diverse verticals with Qualcomm IoT Services Suite.


Smart Agriculture and Livestock is built to transform how we grow, monitor, and harvest, our food supply through real-time analytics and condition monitoring, predictive and scientific AI plans and recommendations, and increased safety and transparency with complete lifecycle tracking


Construction Management-as-a-Service is built to transform the safety and management of construction sites by driving beyond zero safety for all and solving key high-value problems in material management, operational efficiency, and manual workflow limitations.


Education-as-a-Service is built to transform the digital and hybrid classroom experience through a fully integrated suite of hardware and software services to enable blended and personalized learning in the classroom and campus control through digitization.

Fleet Management

Fleet Management-as-a-Service provides highly specialized solutions for commercial vehicles, transforming the transportation management experience by improving safety, compliance, and efficiency.


Healthcare-as-a-Service bridges the gap between physical care and virtual care, transforming the healthcare experience through services such as remote patient monitoring, telehealth, and virtual rounding.


Logistics as-a-Service enables digital, end-to-end logistical chain management for a holistic, complete view of the supply chain from teams to inventory.

Smart Campus

Smart Campus provides highly specialized solutions to universities, improving student outcomes by improving safety, integrating new learning technologies, and enabling students to access online resources and content on any device.

Smart Cities and Spaces

Smart Cities and Spaces as-a-Service delivers solutions for smart lighting, signage, parking and more – all easily deployed on the Qualcomm® IoT platform – for the accelerated development of smart cities and smart spaces.

Smart Malls/Retail

Smart Mall provides highly specialized solutions to retail malls, improving customer experiences and operational efficiency by improving the parking and shopping experience, leveraging customer data to drive sales, and preventing theft and waste issues.

Traffic Management

Traffic Management-as-a-Service reimagines how cities plan, control, and adapt the flow and movement of traffic on their streets and improves the commuting and driving experience for all road users through data analytics and real-time information that enable cyclist and pedestrian traffic prioritization, traffic signal optimization for reduced congestion and improved safety, and event and emergency notification and pre-emptions.

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Join the Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerator Program.

The Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerator Program is designed to connect cities, municipalities, government agencies, and enterprises with an ecosystem of providers offering solutions from Qualcomm Technologies. Program members represent a breadth of hardware and software providers, cloud solution providers, system integrators, and design and manufacturing companies, as well as companies offering end-to-end solutions with Smart Cities in mind.

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