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Smart Connectivity: Uncovering the IoT’s full potential.

Just as our relationships with each other get stronger with communication, smart connectivity like 3G/4G LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication strengthens the full potential of the Internet of Things (IoT). But with so many new devices in the conversation, it’s important that everything connects intelligently to the cloud. That’s why we’re enabling more seamless communication and creating a highly intelligent ecosystem where cities, homes, buildings and machines are even more sustainable, efficient and connected

Smarter machines. Smarter everything.

By providing smart connectivity as a foundation to IoT and M2M devices, the applications and use cases become practically limitless—enhancing a wide range of industries and applications, including tracking, wearables, security, transportation, industrial automation, smart metering (electric, water, grid), medical & health and point of sale (POS) systems.

Moving IoT and M2M forward.

Cellular and connectivity modules developed using Qualcomm Technologies chipsets not only combine reliability, performance and timesaving integration in a single solution, they also encourage IoT and M2M device advancements across a variety of verticals throughout the entire ecosystem

Proven performance

Reliable and scalable chipsets and solutions offer power-saving capabilities in challenging IoE and M2M environments.

Time-saving integration

Highly integrated chipset platforms ease complexity and materials costs, supporting a fast product development process.

Established ecosystem relationships

Our history of collaboration with operators, infra-vendors and module OEMs helps us deliver a broad portfolio of scalable cellular and connectivity solutions.

LTE for IoT: Purpose Built Global Connectivity

Driving LTE into the Internet of Things (IoT), the Qualcomm® MDM9207-1 is a cost-optimized, flexible and scalable chipset with Cat 1 LTE technology at its core. Bringing global cellular connectivity to a wide variety of IoT applications including smart metering, security and automation, tracking, wearables, point-of-sale, industrial automation and more, the MDM9207-1 was designed for the IoT.