Streamline on-board computing with our intelligent robot systems.

Single-board technology enables smart robots with efficient power and thermal budgets.

Engineer intelligent robots with the Qualcomm® Robotics Platforms. The Qualcomm Robotics Platforms support the development of smart, power-efficient, and cost-effective robots by combining high-performance heterogeneous computing, on-device AI/machine learning, and advanced computer vision with robust security, multimedia, Wi-Fi and 4G and/or 5G cellular connectivity capabilities. The platforms also include support for range of sensors that offer real-time and highly accurate data on a single board—enabling developers to design smaller, more robust robots.

Heterogeneous computing

Powerful heterogeneous computing allows the CPU, GPU, DSP and multimedia subsystems, as well as other specialized cores such as the camera ISP, to work together effectively and efficiently to deliver high-performance computing with lower power consumption when compared to using the CPU alone.

Low power

By combining multiple heterogenous compute units onto a single board, we can provide a low-power, efficient solution with longer operation time when running on a battery, for products ranging from pocket sized toys to industrial robotic arms.

Advanced connectivity

Multiple options for connectivity include Wi-Fi support for highly accurate location positioning and 4G LTE and/or 5G connectivity including CBRS support for private LTE networks.


Based on a powerful combination of deep hardware and software integration, Qualcomm Processor Security technology is designed to provide a high level of security alongside high performance while maintaining power efficiency.

Advanced AI

The Qualcomm AI Engine, comprised of several hardware and software components, accelerates on-device machine learning and computer vision.

Neural Processing SDK

The Qualcomm AI Engine includes our Qualcomm® Neural Processing SDK, which encompasses analysis, optimization, and debugging tools designed to allow developers and manufacturers to port trained deep learning networks on the various heterogeneous compute blocks.

Autonomous movement

OEMs can add awareness, autonomy, and self-guided movement to their robot offerings using our advanced technology platform, which combines built-in sensors with 3D environment mapping, computer vision, and AI.

Reliable navigation

Our software supports intelligent and autonomous navigation, designed to allow robots to perceive and react to objects in their paths for safety-conscious, smart and reliable routing.

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