IPS Universal Print Interpreter

Print jobs can come from a variety of devices, operating systems and applications. Qualcomm® IPS™ Universal Print Interpreter powers printer and multifunction peripheral (MFP) device compatibility with print jobs from almost any source: Windows, Mac, Linux, ChromeOS, iOS, and Android; office, engineering and graphic arts applications; and enterprise content management systems.

The IPS Universal Interpreter is highly compatible with today’s page description language (PDL) standards, includes native rendering for transparent PDL formats, and is rigorously tested against the latest print drivers and print format creators.

Flexible PDL support

Each page description language can be purchased and configured separately, or in any combination with other interpreters. Innovative common display list technology supports shared rendering components across all PDL interpreters to reduce the memory footprint and overall system cost. It also enables sharing of porting efforts and optimizations across all PDLs, saving development time.

Optimized for modern CPUs

IPS software increases parallelism on multicore platform architectures to achieve measurably higher throughput at lower CPU clock frequencies. It is also fully reentrant to handle concurrent operations, like printing while simultaneously previewing a document, within a single program. Compiler-independent SIMD acceleration routines are provided for ARM and Intel architectures.

Integrated font solution

The IPS Integrated Font Solution can be bundled with the IPS Universal Print Interpreter to provide compatibility with the resident 80-font and 93-font sets used in HP devices and the 136-font set used in Adobe devices. This solution offers one-stop shopping for PDLs and fonts at an attractive combined cost.

Provide high-quality printing from any source.

Integrated Office format support

Qualcomm® DirectOffice™ document conversion software is available as an optional component of IPS. DirectOffice and IPS together enable embedded conversion of Word, PowerPoint and Excel files right on the printer controller.

Portable source code

IPS software is delivered as complete C source code with full documentation to enable complete customization to developer requirements. Licensees receive expert training, technical consulting, and integration support to help optimize the interface between the print language interpreter and the controller.

Modern protocol compatibility

Qualcomm® Quatro™ customers can combine IPS software with our print protocol middleware to enable support for modern printing protocols such as Apple AirPrint, Mopria printing, and IPP Everywhere. This configuration has been certified by Apple and the Mopria Alliance.

IPS software is compatible with the following PDLs and print protocols.

IPP Everywhere


Interested in embedding IPS software into your printer or MFP product?

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