DirectOffice Document Conversion Software

Microsoft Office documents are everywhere, and up to half of these documents are viewed on connected devices other than a PC. Users need access to the information in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents, regardless of the device being used or where the documents are stored.

Qualcomm® DirectOffice™ Document Conversion Software converts files created from Office 97 through Office 2019 and the latest Microsoft 365 updates, enabling emulation of Microsoft quality without the need for costly licensing subscriptions and conversion costs. Qualcomm’s Printers and Imaging team has been focused on format conversion solutions for over 30 years and has invested 100+ person years in Office format conversion that has been used to convert over a billion documents for viewing and printing worldwide.

High-fidelity rendering

DirectOffice output closely matches Microsoft Office output. Regardless of the version used to create the original, DirectOffice correctly places text and paragraphs, accurately displays images, shapes, tables, WordArt and SmartArt, and retains line and page breaks.

Innovative font emulation

DirectOffice software emulates over 700 fonts across 45 languages to ensure great text rendering and worldwide compatibility. This patented font solution requires only limited memory, as is typical in an embedded environment, and is designed to remove the need for costly font licensing.

Cross platform support

DirectOffice software is designed for maximum flexibility and supports multiple operating systems, including Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux. Developers can use the same conversion module across several different platforms and experience document fidelity across those platforms.

DirectOffice SDK for Enterprise Solutions

The DirectOffice SDK software converts Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files to viewable formats with high fidelity to the original document. Users can view the documents directly within the application, using the same conversion technology on all platforms, ensuring information remains secure and information governance policies are met.

Enable information governance

DirectOffice SDK helps users protect regulated or sensitive content and control editing and traceability of documents. DirectOffice SDK is designed to support information governance in your productivity solution by:

  • Enabling accurate web-based or in-app conversion for inline viewing that complements IG policies.
  • Providing access to content on personal devices that avoids use of external applications.
  • Enabling read-only access to avoid unauthorized modifications.
  • Offering optional secure watermarking to improve document traceability and support audit processes.

Improve user experience

Support all the file formats your users need to prevent frustration, workarounds, and use of unsecure sharing sites. DirectOffice SDK can improve user experience in your productivity solution by:

  • Preserving page layout by accurately rendering fonts using a patented solution .
  • Correctly formatting advanced objects like charts, WordArt, Smart Art, and images with 3D effects.
  • Supporting multiple writing systems including Asian, Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, and Devanagari.
  • Enabling one-click inline document viewing inside a product’s user interface.

Provide cross-platform consistency

Maintain consistency of the experience for your users whether they’re working online or offline and across desktops, laptops, phones, and tablets with different operating systems. DirectOffice software can help unify the cross-platform experience by:

  • Supporting native in-app conversion and zero-footprint cloud conversion to provide flexible deployment options for different solutions.
  • Delivering identical output to users on Android, iOS, desktop, and web-based platforms.
  • Speeding integration across multiple platforms via a unified API.
  • Providing cross-platform fidelity through proprietary wrappers for Java, C++ and Objective-C.

Integrate DirectOffice document conversion in your software solution to enable many use cases.

  • Desktop document conversion workflows
  • Secure mobile app document viewing
  • Cloud platform inline document viewing
  • Document management system workflows
  • Zero-footprint web document viewing
  • Batch document conversion and archiving
  • Information governance compliant collaboration
  • Desktop, mobile and cloud print workflows

DirectOffice for Printers

Enable direct printing of Microsoft Office documents on your printers and MFPs by integrating our DirectOffice document conversion software into your print solution. DirectOffice software resides within the printer firmware and renders the most popular business document types—Word, Excel and PowerPoint—without the need for a PC, print driver, Microsoft application or cloud printing service. DirectOffice software provides high-quality document conversion to printable formats, enabling advanced use cases like viewing and printing documents from cloud storage or local thumb drive storage directly from a printer’s control panel.

Enable simple workflows

Some modern cloud printing services introduce complicated workflows that include user registration, emailing files, entering PIN numbers, and other obstacles. By enabling direct conversion on the printer itself with DirectOffice, your solution will avoid complications and give users what they need—a quick way to get a printed copy of their document.

Provide document security

With cloud printing solutions, users may upload potentially confidential information to a third-party server for conversion, so many corporate users may be prohibited from using such services due to information governance policies. DirectOffice converts on the printer, so there is no need for your users to upload anything to the cloud. Documents stay under the control of the authorized user during the entire print process.

Integrate on your terms

DirectOffice can be delivered in Java or C++, as a library or as full source code, for easy and flexible integration into your print firmware. DirectOffice can also be delivered as part of the IPS Universal Print Interpreter for easiest deployment alongside IPS print languages. DirectOffice can even be combined with IPS to enable direct printing of Office and PDF documents, to ensure your solution covers all the most popular types of business documents.

Enable convenient walk-up printing from many different sources.

  • USB flash drives
  • Smartphones
  • Hot-folders
  • Memory cards
  • Tablets
  • Pass-through apps (e.g. Mopria Print Service)
  • Smart MFP control panels
  • Other connected devices
  • Web storage (e.g. Dropbox)


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