Driving transformation across industries.

Qualcomm Technologies is transforming industries, business models, and experiences with our IoT solutions. We’re delivering robust technologies that support existing and new industries with the power of our 4G and 5G computing and connectivity solutions—which stem from our heritage in mobile platforms and AI to spur digitalization and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities.

Heterogenous computing

Our platforms for IoT enable lightning-fast speeds, advanced connectivity, and next-level experiences. Our platforms are optimized for high-performance computing—built to power today’s demanding IoT products with a low-power architecture by balancing the workload across internal components for longer battery life.

Widespread connectivity

Support varying needs of commercial and industrial applications with our industry-leading connectivity solutions. Ranging from tri-band Wi-Fi to Bluetooth to 4G LTE and 5G, our connectivity solutions offer extensive yet flexible options for a wide range of applications.

Robust Security

Our suite of security features is designed to provide industries with a robust, multidimensional set of security technologies based on a security-rich foundation of hardware and software, engineered for performance and efficiency in today's complex IoT environment.

Explore Industrial & Commercial Categories


Upgrade the retail experience from point of sale to the back office with connectivity and computing solutions from Qualcomm Technologies. Our artificial intelligence solutions improve the customer experience, through facial or product recognition. And we’ve extended the power of our mobile platform to the retail sector, enabling everything from Bluetooth sensors to in-store Wi-Fi that serves customized ads, so retailers can differentiate the store experience.

Asset Tracking and Fleet Management

Qualcomm Technologies has a wide range of tightly integrated solutions for scalable asset tracking applications and devices. Our solutions support a broad range of use cases—including location tracking, condition monitoring, asset management, and analytics and diagnostics—for everything from trucks to trailers, to cars and cattle, to containers and shared scooters and bikes.


Our low-complexity, high-performance IoT solutions for manufacturing and distribution centers are leading the way to next-generation Industry 4.0—enabling smart industries that power a massive IoT. Our solutions support the factory of the future, bridging the gap between legacy systems with digitalization and reconfiguration of equipment while introducing wireless connectivity solutions.


Robotics can transform industries—boosting productivity and solving labor shortages in some sectors. Autonomous cars can revolutionize transportation and agricultural drones can increase crop yields. From public safety drones to autonomous municipality vehicles and agricultural drones, robotics will help enhance how we live.

Enterprise Networks

Across almost every non-home environment—schools, libraries, businesses, restaurants, train stations, airports, hospitals—access to connectivity is increasingly important. Qualcomm Technologies’ advanced enterprise networking solutions help our customers tackle the extreme density and data issues of these environments.

Warehousing & Logistics

Qualcomm Technologies’ has developed a broad range of solutions for industrial handheld and warehousing automation devices. Our product portfolio serves all tiers, with integrated SoC capabilities that support Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G LTE, and 5G connectivity. Our products enable a wide range of purpose-built handheld devices that integrate machine learning to meet next-generation logistics challenges.

Printers & Imaging

Our Printers and Imaging team has created a range of solutions for building smart printers, scanners, and MFP products for integrating document conversion into modern enterprise solutions. Building on 30 years of experience, our team has designed conversion solutions which can be easily integrated and work virtually flawlessly across platforms, purpose built for printer hardware, web services, mobile applications, and integrated viewing components.

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