Remote Controllers

Create a well-connected home entertainment ecosystem.

Develop leading remote controllers with Qualcomm Technologies' end-to-end solutions. Our comprehensive platform solutions provide the gateway needed to seamlessly link home products together, offering longer battery life, smart Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity, voice activation and versatility--allowing the whole environment to operate with ease.

Overcome product development challenges.

Building remotes for today’s home environment can be complex, and customers must develop leading products quickly, efficiently and inexpensively to meet consumer demand. Products need to offer features such as motion control, gesture connectivity and voice activation, all while delivering long-lasting power and energy efficiency.

Long-lasting battery life

Develop remotes that feature low power consumption and fast on technology – enabling batteries to last longer before needing replacement.

Bluetooth smart connectivity

Deliver solid, non-line-of-site connectivity combined with auto pairing technology for the best possible control and responsiveness. 

Complete platform

Create more complex controllers fast and with a low bill of materials (BOM) cost using our complete platforms.

Voice and gesture command

Build controllers with voice command and gesture control for advanced entertainment systems. 

Low energy development kits

Offer fast time to market with easy-to-implement Bluetooth Smart control development kits. 

Leading customers build with our solutions.

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