Designed with one car in mind—yours.

Qualcomm Halo™ technology is configurable to meet a number of electrical, packaging, communications, operational, and performance needs. Qualcomm works directly with auto manufacturers to understand their needs and design a unique system.  

Shaping the future of WEVC.

The ecosystem is broad reaching, complex, and evolving, with long-term industry engagement that is focused at global, national, and regional levels. Industry initiatives are uniting players from many different sectors: energy generation, distribution and network provision, charging infrastructure, equipment suppliers, vehicle component suppliers, auto manufacturers, service providers, and technology developers.


Many regulators are seeking guidance from the industry on how to facilitate the successful, competitive, and sustainable introduction and deployment of wireless charging technology.


Standardization requires considerable resources, strong co-operation, and multiparty consensus among like-minded participants. Qualcomm is an active member of standards-development organizations (SDO) including ISO, IEC and SAE International.