Since Qualcomm was founded, our industry leading expertise has been applied to help the U.S. government advance their wireless knowledge to better safeguard our country’s national security. With trainings and seminars available that can be customized to your needs, we’re here to provide you with insights into commercial technology that will allow you to understand the opportunities available.

We can provide the tools and training you need.

We utilize our leadership and expertise in wireless and beyond to address our U.S. government partners’ most challenging problems—providing assistance and support with access to mobile platforms, embedded processors, and cellular modems. Our diagnostic tools and training can bolster your understanding of our secure connectivity solutions, assist you in identifying suitable approaches that match your needs, and help ensure mission success. 

Explore our past projects.

For over 30 years, we’ve developed solutions that have helped our government partners advance mobile communications and security to better serve and protect our government officials, disaster relief workers, and military. 

Keeping the President connected.

Our mobile security communication solutions have protected the actions and decisions of our government officials—even in the highest office.

Providing assured comms when it’s needed most.

Read how our standalone wireless networks have provided reliable, responsive, secure mobile voice and data communications (comms) during times of crisis.

Delivering force tracking for wherever your mission takes you.

Discover how our solutions have allowed force and vehicle tracking for our troops through near-real-time mobile two-way data communications and vehicle position and location tracking.

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