Authentication and identity

We are helping protect our U.S. government partners’ communication with a combination of authentication and identification methods. Our best-in-class commercial sensors help ensure accurate authentication and trusted access for users and devices.

Helping classify your mission.

From biometrics that reduce or eliminate the need for passcodes, to advanced hardware that shields your data, the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ mobile security platform is designed to guard and protect precious data with vault-like security. So, whether you want to ensure trusted access or identify a biometric match, our solutions deliver accurate and powerful experiences.

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Safeguarding users and devices.

Our user authentication and device attestation methods can protect users and their devices via several methods, including biometrics, behavior awareness, and device attestation.


Our security solutions are designed to make it safer and easier to connect, communicate, share, and match. We offer biometric solutions such as Qualcomm® Fingerprint Sensors, which use ultrasound technology to address the limitations of other authentication and identification methods.

Behavioral awareness

Our intelligent, trusted behavioral and contextual awareness solutions can create an action-less user experience that enables an enhanced authentication routine—allowing users to be continually authenticated as they use their devices throughout their daily activities. 

Hardware token

Today’s software device authentication methods are vulnerable to remote privilege escalation and root attacks. Our hardware token offers the ultimate device attestation that enables a resilient and protected authentication experience. 

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Our over 30 years of leadership and experience providing mobile and wireless technology solutions have assisted our government partners in improving national security.


Our ultra-reliable, low-latency 5G technologies can enhance your capabilities and help you be prepared where failure is not an option.

Assured identity

Our continuous multi-factor authentication (CMFA) provides next-generation user and device verification using a combination of identification factors.

Qualcomm Fingerprint Sensor

Utilizing ultrasonic technology to enable 3D fingerprint collection, the Qualcomm® Fingerprint Sensor provides superior image quality for a near-perfect capture rate and better matching.

Critical security interface

Our critical security interface is a hardware-anchored unified API that extends app behaviors, user identity, and device health to provide granular and continuous forensic-level observation and intelligence on a mobile device.

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