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Qualcomm® Government Technologies

Qualcomm® Government Technologies (QGOV) provides transformative, trustworthy, mission-focused wireless solutions and services designed to improve our government’s  capabilities. Our government partners can count on us to help them achieve significant technology gains and excellence in mission-critical performance.

Securely enabling how the government connects, computes, and communicates at the pace of innovation.

With over 30 years of industry leadership, expertise, cutting-edge research and vast industry reach, we provide our government partners with education and transformative wireless experiences. Our focus is to help our government leverage the commercial curve, anticipate what’s next and successfully accomplish the mission.


It’s critical to have secure, uninterrupted access to information and communication anywhere, at any time. Our industry-leading 5G and wireless technologies and unique expertise can help you combat your connectivity challenges. 

Mobile and IoT security

In our increasingly connected world, we understand how important it is to keep devices secure to help ensure national security. We can help you effectively and securely utilize commercial devices so you can overcome the challenges of dynamic changes occurring in the wireless ecosystem.

Authentication and identity

Government communication is safest when protected by a combination of user and device authentication methods that ensure accurate authentication and trusted access. Utilizing best-in-class commercial sensors, we can help you create a more secure and user-friendly experience.

We offer trainings, tools, and resources to help you better understand the possibilities available to you.

The technology landscape changes rapidly. Our wireless expertise can help you understand how the world around you is evolving and how it affects your mission. With trainings for technologists and business professionals around 5G, mobile, IoT, and more, we’re here to provide educational resources that strengthen your understanding of the ecosystem and help you find suitable approaches to your challenges. 

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For over 30 years, we have leveraged our engineering services to assist our government partners in improving national security through research and the application of our technology to enable key government missions.


Our ultra-reliable, low-latency 5G technologies can enhance your capabilities and help you be prepared in challenging communication environments.

Assured identity

Our continuous multi-factor authentication (CMFA) can provide next-generation user and device verification by leveraging a combination of identification factors.

Qualcomm Fingerprint Sensors

Utilizing ultrasonic technology to enable 3D fingerprint collection, the Qualcomm® Fingerprint Sensor provides superior image quality for a near-perfect capture rate and better matching.

Critical security interface

Our critical security interface is a hardware-anchored unified API that extends app behaviors, user identity, and device health to provide granular and continuous forensic-level observation and intelligence on a mobile device.

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