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Qualcomm SafeSwitch and Qualcomm Snapdragon processors are products of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.


On Device Theft Defense

Qualcomm SafeSwitch™ technology is designed to help prevent device theft and protect user data and privacy. Qualcomm SafeSwitch is engineered to work with kill switch software apps to enable you to remotely disable your mobile devices if it’s lost or stolen and re-enable it if it’s found. Built to confirm that device lock requests are coming from a trustworthy source, Qualcomm SafeSwitch also has the ability to decrease the likelihood of malicious device lock attacks.

How SafeSwitch works.

Jan 6, 2015


Keep what’s personal protected

With 40% of all theft in major US cities involving smartphones, and recent legislation in at least eight different US states requiring smartphones to include kill switches, mobile device security has become more important than ever. From lost personal contacts, photos, and stored passwords, to compromised banking information, having your device stolen can result in serious financial and personal losses. Devices with integrated Qualcomm SafeSwitch technology can better protect important personal data.

If your device is hacked.

Qualcomm SafeSwitch technology is built with a hardware-based mechanism that detects when data or software diverges from its certified state. If this happens, the device locks during power-on and a key is needed to unlock it.

If your device is lost or stolen.

When a user reports a device is lost or stolen using third-party software and the kill switch software is triggered, Qualcomm SafeSwitch is designed to lock down the device and its hardware. It allows for the disabling of the modem to prevent the device from accepting incoming calls, or placing calls. With Qualcomm SafeSwitch, a device user or network operator can also set a password remotely, erase and recover data, and locate or lock a lost or stolen device.

If you want to unlock your device.

If your device turns up after being lost or stolen, the secret key originally set up to lock it can remotely unlock the device.

The foundation of mobile security.

At the core of Qualcomm SafeSwitch technology, the Qualcomm® SecureMSM™ foundation provides significant benefits that only a hardware-based approach can offer. Thanks to SecureMSM technology, Qualcomm SafeSwitch commands are verified by hardware, making potential attacks (both malicious locking of phones and unlocking stolen phones) less feasible. Qualcomm SafeSwitch is effectively insulated from operating system-level attacks, providing an added layer of security that’s engineered to protect firmware, resist chip replacement, and lock down critical device components.

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