Qualcomm Quick Charge 5

Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ technology is the number one method for fast charging.* Quick Charge 5 is world’s Fastest Commercial Charging Solution delivering astonishing charging speeds of up to 0-50% in five minutes while enabling new battery technology, accessories, and safety features.**

*Number one based on Qualcomm Technologies Research based on review of available Quick Charge devices and accessories against other fast charging technologies.
**Quick Charge is designed to increase the battery charge of a device by up to 50% in 5 minutes. Actual results may vary depending on device design.

Our fastest and most versatile charging solution.


Quick Charge enables charging speeds of up to 0-50 in five minutes, with 100W+ charging power with our new Dual Charge technology.


Charge smartphones and devices up to 10 degrees C cooler, up to 4X faster, and up to 70% more efficiently than with previous solutions.


Our latest Quick Charge technology is backwards compatible with previous generations of Quick Charge while addressing future Android requirements


Quick Charge enables a single accessory to address a variety of charging implementations in mobile devices, supporting 250+ mobile devices and 1000+ accessories.


Quick Charge Advanced Charging Subsystem Safety includes 8 levels of voltage protection, 3 levels of current protection, 3 levels of thermal protection and 3 levels of timer protection – All while incorporating USB-input overvoltage protection at 25V and extreme power controls beyond 30V

Fast is an understatement.

From 0-50% in 5 minutes.

Introducing Qualcomm Quick Charge 5

Jul 27, 2020


Quick Charge 5 is backwards compatible with all previous Quick Charge solutions.

Compatible Quick Charge Devices

Compatible Quick Charge Accessories

Car Chargers

Power Banks

Get speed that's been put to the test.

Quick Charge technology works with existing USB charging solutions, but it takes a certified accessory to achieve truly amazing speeds. Look for the Quick Charge icon and check the list of devices and accessories.

Quick Charge certification and testing vendors below.

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