Qualcomm® IoT Connectivity Feature Suite

The Qualcomm® IoT Connectivity Feature Suite is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

A simple solution to IoT complexity.

Qualcomm® IoT Connectivity significantly reduces complexity and fragmentation for manufacturers, developers and consumers. The Qualcomm® IoT Connectivity feature suite sits “above” the connectivity hardware and associated frameworks to ensure coexistence and interoperability—like a universal translator.

A comprehensive approach to unleashing IoT potential.


For the first time ever, The Qualcomm® IoT Connectivity Feature Suite brings the ability for Wi-Fi, BLEmesh, Bluetooth and 15.4 connectivity-based technologies together for seamless, concurrent operation.

Ecosystem flexibility

The Qualcomm® IoT connectivity feature suite rolls in previously announced support for IoT software frameworks and protocols for deployment across IoT devices, IoT hubs and networking infrastructure products like routers and gateways. 

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Mar 9, 2017


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