Qualcomm Mobile Security

Qualcomm Snapdragon are products of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. 

Security protection from the inside out.

The Qualcomm® Mobile Security suite, built upon the strength of the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ security platform, is designed to safeguard the entire device from mobile security threats. The Mobile Security framework is engineered to provide multilevel security by combining a hardware-level solution with next-generation software for robust biometrics security. The newest Mobile Security components include secure camera, secure token and Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Smart Protect for our latest mobile security measures.

Camera Security

Advanced camera biometrics can safeguard sensitive data.

Camera Security is a hardware-based authentication feature for camera-based biometrics that protects imaging data against malware attacks. Eye-based authentication can utilize secure camera to provide strong security, designed to protect the link between the camera and the processor. Biometric authentication is only as secure as the physical inputs and sensors used to gather it. Camera security is engineered to isolate the data received from the camera and securely store it, in HW, safeguarding against untrusted applications and processes. It is designed to allow only the correct person to access the device’s secure information, helping to deliver a protected authentication method for making payments and conducting safe transactions.

Hardware Token

Security-rich hardware-based device attestation.


Standard user-based authentication isn’t enough to truly keep smart phones safe. Continuing our legacy of security-rich solutions, secure token is designed to provide authentication for a security-focused, hardware-based validation process. This process can provide next-generation authentication for banking, payments and enterprise, with encryption for comprehensive confidentiality. So whether transferring money for an online auction or using the phone to buy a daily cup of coffee, users can confidently use the device for mobile transactions.

Snapdragon Malware Protection

Protect against zero-day threats. 

Traditional anti-malware software can only recognize attacks that are known assailants. Malware Protection, on the other hand, supports robust, real-time detection of previously unknown—“zero-day”—malware threats. Using a combination of machine learning-based malware detection and system-wide optimization, Malware Protection is engineered to deliver superior efficiency and performance that can outsmart even the toughest malware attacks.

Malware Protection is designed to offer optimal performance by supporting malware detection and critical data processing on the device, rather than in the cloud. Performing malware detection on the device allows Snapdragon Smart Protect to quickly and efficiently detect and classify new security attacks. On-device software can provide real-time, intelligent threat detection so that users know their devices, data and information are safe in our increasingly connected, complex world.

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Qualcomm Snapdragon Smart Protect is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.