DDFA Amplifier Technology

Qualcomm DDFA is a product of Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd.

Unlock a new level of audio experience with DDFA amplifier technology.

Qualcomm® DDFA™, our breakthrough digital audio amplifier technology, is driven by innovation and over a decade of R&D to help you create superior consumer audio experiences in digital speakers and soundbars of virtually all types. Setting a new benchmark in audio quality, DDFA is designed to help you innovate and deliver the ultimate in amplification technology to more consumer audio devices than ever before.

DDFA is designed to deliver high-fidelity audio and design flexibility.

Efficiency and rich audio quality: perfectly balanced.

DDFA technology—based on a unique closed-loop digital architecture—is engineered to combine the power advantages of class D amplifiers with the high performance of traditional linear amplifiers. The result? Near-perfectly balanced efficiency and audio quality designed to deliver a superior listening experience.

Outstanding audio performance.

A unique and patented digital architecture is designed to deliver industry-leading audio performance across the entire audio frequency band:

  • SNR and Dynamic range > 113dB (A-weighted, 20Hz to 20KHz)
  • THD+N < 0.005% (20Hz to 20KHz)

Closed-loop operation and high-resolution DSP help maintain audio performance consistency:

  • Distortion does not increase at maximum volume
  • No audible noise or hissing sound
  • Performances are maintained across a wide range of audio input formats

Advanced DSP features.

As well as a patented core architecture, next-generation DDFA technology is designed with an advanced configurable DSP, which helps provide you comprehensive control on the audio path without relying on an external device.


With support for 32bit PCM up to 384KHz and DSD64/128 input, integrated high-resolution interpolation filters and equalizers, DDFA helps devices be compatible with today’s high-resolution trends.

Get started with CSRA6620

Based on DDFA technology, the Qualcomm® CSRA6620 is designed to deliver the high-power efficiency of a class D amplifier with the fidelity of high-end linear amplifiers.

Get started with CSRA6640

Qualcomm® CSRA6640 is a flexible, single-chip solution which is designed to bring a new level of integration to our patented DDFA amplifier technology. This tight integration makes superior class-D amplification more commercially viable for speakers and soundbars with smaller form factors.

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