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Build a mesh network with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

Networking devices for the Internet of Things is difficult. That’s why we created CSRmesh™ technology: a simple protocol to make it easier to create a security-rich Bluetooth Low Energy-based (BLE) network for the Internet of Things. 

How does CSRmesh work?

CSRmesh is designed to allow Bluetooth Low Energy devices to send and receive messages, act on received messages, and repeat those messages to nearby devices. CSRmesh extends the range of Bluetooth wireless technology by turning Bluetooth-enabled devices into a security-rich mesh network for the Internet of Things.

Deploy Bluetooth mesh networks for asset tracking and remote beacon management.

To provide more functionality for the rapidly growing IoT, Qualcomm Technologies International introduced a set of new features for CSRmesh: a way to manage fleets of beacons and assets using a mesh network based on Bluetooth.

Mesh-managed beacons

CSRmesh is engineered to simplify the beacon management process by supporting standard Bluetooth beacons within the same mesh network to talk to each other. As long as each beacon is within the Bluetooth range of another, an entire building can be covered.

Identifying and tracking your assets

To track the asset, CSRmesh uses the network to pass data collected from the moving object back through the mesh, to a back-end service where the data can be analyzed and acted upon. That asset can then be tracked, and movement heat maps and dwell times can be built to find out where the moving item is.

How you can use CSRMesh

Superior Asset Tracking

2016년 10월 27일


Time-Saving Beacon Management

2016년 10월 27일


Lost is Found

2016년 10월 27일


Get started with CSRmesh 102x.

The CSR102x chipset product family is optimized for specific applications in the Internet of Things – including CSRmesh Bluetooth mesh networks.

Get a product that supports CSRmesh.