A new way of sharing your music

Qualcomm Broadcast Audio

Qualcomm® Broadcast Audio technology helps consumers share their music in new and exciting ways, continuing our tradition of working with the world’s leading audio brands to support the creation of innovative Bluetooth and audio experiences.

What is Qualcomm Broadcast Audio?

Qualcomm Broadcast Audio helps one Bluetooth source (for example a smartphone) to stream audio to multiple headsets or speakers with virtually perfect synchronization. Bluetooth was designed to stream music from point-to-point and Qualcomm Broadcast Audio is designed to allow Bluetooth to be used for one-to-many broadcasting applications.

Broadcast audio explanation diagram with 7 headphones connected to one device.

Features of broadcast audio include:

  • Virtually perfect synchronized audio playback
  • Simple set-up and pairing of devices and device management, making it easy for users manage which devices can join "party"
  • Designed to broadcast to an unlimited number of devices (within Bluetooth range)
  • Engineered to carry through volume changes from the broadcaster
  • Built-in robustness, automatic retransmission and packet-loss compensation
  • Encrypted audio stream designed to help prevent eavesdropping
  • Security-rich features help to extend a personal experience to a shareable one
  • Over-the-air update for after-market activation  

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