LE Audio: The latest Bluetooth Audio Technology

Share audio wirelessly in new and innovative ways. The new age of Bluetooth is here and as LE Audio is adopted into the Bluetooth standard it will change the way we experience audio—from audio sharing and hearing assistance to new use cases that haven’t been imagined yet. Qualcomm Technologies will be rolling out LE Audio across its ecosystem, providing flexible, scalable solutions with which to build a new generation of devices.

LE Audio extends what’s possible

Built on a tradition of audio innovation

Audio streaming is by far the most popular use case for Bluetooth, and Qualcomm Technologies has been driving innovation in this space for many years. We can’t wait to help our customers build devices with new LE audio capabilities. We will support LE audio across the entire consumer electronics ecosystem, including audio, smartphones, and IoT.

Support for developing in a new age of Bluetooth

As experts in Bluetooth connectivity, Qualcomm Technologies has been working closely with the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) to define the specification that will enable these new user experiences. We will offer platform solutions that support the new Bluetooth LE Audio standard from Day 0 of the specification being made available with end-to-end operability from phone to earbuds and headphones. We’re ready to help our customers navigate the complexities of developing products that will help define a new era for wireless audio.

Enable new audio experiences for users

Consumers will benefit from user experience enhancements and new use cases enabled by LE Audio.

LE Audio will enable audio sharing in both personal and location-based applications. For example, users will be able to share music on their smartphone with many Bluetooth speakers or headsets, so their friends and family can enjoy the same music. Location-based audio sharing can allow public spaces, such as a museum or art gallery, to share Bluetooth audio with groups of visitors at the same time to help enhance their collective experience.

Bluetooth audio market opportunities

New use cases and user experience capabilities made possible by LE Audio mean new products and opportunities for growth in the Bluetooth audio B2B space.


Q: What is LE Audio?

A: LE Audio enables several new use cases that will allow consumers to experience and share wireless audio in new and innovative ways.
With LE Audio, two people could listen to the same music through different Bluetooth headphones, they could listen in different languages at conferences and movies, or someone could use Bluetooth hearing aids for help with audio while at an airport.

Q: How is Qualcomm Technologies involved in Bluetooth and the new LE Audio standard?

A: Our standards team has worked closely with the Bluetooth SIG to help define the new specification for LE Audio, chairing working groups within the Bluetooth SIG, and working with others to create the interoperable specification that’s needed.

Q: How is LE Audio different from classic Bluetooth audio?

A: LE Audio extends the capabilities of classic Bluetooth audio. It will support both voice call and music streaming applications, and generally extend what’s possible using Bluetooth technology. However, backward compatibility with existing Bluetooth products will still be essential, and dual mode devices supporting LE Audio and Bluetooth classic audio capabilities will be fundamentally important to the overall user experience. LE Audio is designed to enhance the performance of Bluetooth audio and open up new use cases. It’s a complementary technology, not a replacement.

Q: How does the LE Audio standard compare to Qualcomm® aptX™ Audio?

A: LC3 is the standard codec for Bluetooth LE Audio. aptX Adaptive will run as an optional codec alongside LC3 and is particularly well suited to gaming use cases due to its high quality, low latency, and robustness.

Qualcomm aptX is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries.

LE Audio

May 15, 2021


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