Adreno Graphics Processing Units

Deliver extraordinary video detail and fluid animations with an integrated Qualcomm® Adreno™ GPU, the powerhouse engine behind high-performance graphics and rich user experiences with low power consumption. Our Adreno GPU is designed to quickly render complex geometries for next-level visuals in games and apps—with super-fast responsiveness and superior mobile connectivity for truly immersive experiences. If you think your mobile UI, games and advanced graphics applications look good now, wait until they’re rendered on the Snapdragon processor with an Adreno GPU.

Next-level graphics and greater control with Adreno.

Updatable GPU drivers

Max out performance with the first-ever updatable GPU driver downloadable from the Android Store. Users can update drivers, optimize performance, and get new features without waiting for an operating system update.

Adreno HDR Fast Blend

Run HDR games up to 2x faster with Adreno HDR Fast Blend, which accelerates the blending of multiple layers. Dynamic scenes with particle effects like fire, smoke, or snow are seamlessly blended together for the most efficient rendering pipeline and a faster, smoother experience.

Desktop Forward Rendering

Fueled by the ultra-powerful Adreno 660 GPU, Desktop Forward Rendering elevates every scene with ultra-realistic detail—from cinematic depth of field and motion blur to dynamic lights and shadows.

Qualcomm Game Color Plus

Qualcomm® Game Color Plus boosts color, saturation, and sharpness, and the Adreno GPU accelerates this feature for the lowest latency, power, and memory bandwidth possible.

Variable Rate Shading

Experience desktop-level features new to mobile, including Variable Rate Shading (VRS) that optimizes game rendering by up to 30% for mobile’s most immersive experiences to date.

Advanced artistic control for game developers

The advancements in the Adreno 660 GPU give developers enhanced artistic control when building their games, leading to complex cinematic color grading, depth of field, filmic tone-mapping, and HDR display.

More realistic environments with PBR

Adreno GPU advancements allow more PBR (Physically Based Rendering) workloads to seamlessly render, so developers can maximize the visual gaming experience.

Boost performance with Adreno 660 GPU.

Adreno 660 GPU renders graphics 35% faster than its predecessor.

Adreno 660 GPU delivers 20% more power efficiency than its predecessor.

Adreno HDR Fast Blend helps run HDR games up to 2x faster by accelerating blending of multiple layers.

See Adreno GPU in action.

Adreno HDR Fast Blend

Jul 8, 2020


Updateable GPU drivers

Jul 8, 2020


Desktop Forward Rendering

Jul 7, 2020


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